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Hafiz. Hafiz on Love. The life and poetry of Hafiz (Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafiz Shiraziand).
Hafiz. Wikipedia
Hafiz. Poet Seers
The Songs of Hafiz. Experience the poetry of Hafiz through music.

Haggard, Rider

Haggard, Rider H Haggard. Rider Haggard. Full text of King Solomon’s Mines, She. 
H. Rider Haggard. Wikipedia entry.
H. Rider Haggard. Biography and searchable texts 
Rider Haggard Society Website
Free ebooks by H. Rider Haggard. Manybooks.net
Eric Brighteyes
King Solomon’s Mines

Hamsun, Knut

Knut Hamsun Homepage
Knut Hamsun Resource Page
Knut Hamsun Nobel Prize Archive

Handke, Peter

Peter Handke introduction, texts.
Peter Handke. An introduction.

Hardy, Thomas

Thomas Hardy. A social context. Victorian Web
Thomas Hardy. Selected poems. Poetry Exhibits
Thomas Hardy. Talking to Thomas Hardy. Times Educational Supplement
Thomas Hardy. Wikipedia
The Thomas Hardy Society
The Thomas Hardy Association
Thomas Hardy at the British Library
Thomas Hardy. Wessex poems and other verses.
Thomas Hardy. Photographs of Dorset, Hardy’s birthplace and where he lived for most of his life.
Tess of the d’Urbervilles, a Pure Woman
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Far from the Madding Crowd
Jude the Obscure
A Pair of Blue Eyes
Wessex Tales

Hare, David

An introduction to the work of David Hare.

Harte, Bret

Bret Harte. Online texts by Francis Bret Harte. Bartelby.com
Bret Harte. Wikipedia

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Hawthorne. Etexts from Eldritich Press
Nathaniel Hawthorne. Wikipedia entry.

Hazlitt, William

William Hazlitt. Selected essays and other works. 
William Hazlitt. Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays.
William Hazlitt. Wikipedia entry.
William Hazlitt. Background information from Spartacus School.net
William Hazlitt.  Liber Amoris or The New Pygmalion.  Gutenberg etexts.

Heaney, Seamus

Seamus Heaney. Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Seamus Heaney. The Poetry Archive. Sound recordings of Heaney reading his poems.
Seamus Heaney. Wikipedia
Seamus Heaney. The Poetry Foundation
Seamus Heaney. The Guardian
Seamus Heaney: his 10 best poems. The Telegraph

Hecht, Anthony

Anthony Hecht. Readings on internet audio.
Anthony Hecht. Academy of American Poets
Anthony Hecht. Wikipedia entry.
Anthony Hecht. The Poetry Foundation

Heine, Heinrich

Heinrich Heine. Selected poems. Poetry Archive
Heinrich Heine. Lyrik und Prosa, Online-Texte, Biografie.
Heinrich Heine. XLibris.de.
Heinrich Heine. Project Gutenberg etexts.

Heinlein, Robert

The Heinlein Society. The Official Robert Heinlein Site.
One of the leading resources for information on the life and career of Robert A. Heinlein.
Robert Anson Heinlein. Information about science fiction grand master Robert A. Heinlein and his works.

Heller, Joseph

Joseph Heller, Wikipedia entry.
Joseph Heller Archive at the University at South Carolina

Hemingway, Ernest

Ernest Hemingway. The Hemingway Resource Centre
Ernest Hemingway. Timeless Hemingway 
An award-winning web site devoted to Ernest Hemingway showcasing unique educational material.
Ernest Hemingway, Wikipedia entry.
Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Key West, Florida.
Ernest Hemingway.org.uk
The Charles D. Field Ernest Hemingway Collection
The Hemingway Society
The Old Man and the Sea

Hemon, Alexandar

Aleksandar Hemon. Guardian reviews.
Alexandar Hemon. Random House
Aleksanda Hemon. The New Yorker


Heraclitus. Heraclitus etexts in English translation.

Herbert, George

George Herbert. Texts and a gallery of etchings and photographs.
George Herbert, Wikipedia entry.
The poems of George Herbert. Poem Hunter

A Dialogue
A Dialogue-Anthem
A Wreath
Affliction (II)
Affliction (III)
Affliction (IV)
Antiphon (I)
Church Monuments
Church Music


The Persian Wars 

Herrick, Robert

Robert Herrick life, works, quotes.
Robert Herrick. Texts and concordance. Bartleby.com
Robert Herrick. Poetry Exhibit

Hesse, Hermann

Hermann Hesse homepage.
Hermann Hesse Portal
Hermann Hesse. Wikipedia 
Hermann Hesse. Nobel Prize Archive.

Hickmet, Nazim

Nazim Hicknet

Hoban, Russell

Russell Hoban. Wikipedia

Hoffman, Alice

Alice Hoffman homepage

Hoffman, E. T. A.

E T A Hoffman. Project Gutenberg etexts. Spiegel Online

E T A Hoffman, Wikipedia entry.
E T A Hoffman. E TA Hoffman-Gesellschaft

Hofmansthal, Hugo von

Hofmansthal, Hugo von. Hugo von Hofmannsthal Resource Center.
Biographical details, poetry, dramatic works, operatic works, essays. Internet links.
Hugo von Hofmansthal. Selected poems and prose in English translations.

Hölderlin, Friedrich.Johann Christian

Friedrich Hölderlin. Wikipedia


Homer Etexts
Homer Wikipedia entry.
Homer. The Odyssey, translated by Samuel Butler.
Works by Homer. Project Gutenberg .
Study guide for Homer’s The Odyssey. 

Hopkins, Gerald Manley

Gerald Manley Hopkins. An overview of the work , life and
social background of Gerald Manley Hopkins. Victorian Web

Gerald Manley Hopkins, Wikipedia entry.


Horace. The Odes 
Horace, Wikipedia entry.

Hornby, Nick

Nick Hornby, Guardian article and interview.

Houellebecq, Michel

Michel Houellebecq, Guardian article.
Site officiel de l’écrivain Michel Houellebecq
Michel Houellebecq website (in English).
Michel Houellebecq interview on YouTube.
Michel Houellebecq. Interview in The Paris Review

Housman, A. E. (Alfred Edward)

A. E. Housman poems.
A E Housman, Wikipedia entry.
The Housman Society
A E Housman, Project Gutenberg etexts.
A Shropshire Lad 

Howard, Richard

Richard Howard an introduction, with poems.

Hughes, Langston

Hughes, Langston. Langston Hughes, poems and background information. Poets.org

Hughes, Ted

Ted Hughes Website
Ted Hughes, an interview.
Ted Hughes, Wikipedia entry.

Hugo, Victor

Victor Hugo and his Revolutionary and Napoleonic Writings
Ninety-Three (Quatre-vingt-treize), by Victor Hugo and Paul Meurice.
Victor Hugo, Wikipedia entry.
Victor Hugo Central. English translations of Hugo’s poetry, fiction and essays; contemporary and modern reviews of his work; biographical and related information.
Victor Hugo – Biography and Works. Online Literature
Victor Hugo Website. A website about the life and works of French poet, novelist and playwright Victor-Marie Hugo,

Huidobro, Vicente

Vicente Huidobro Poems – poemas.

Huxley, Aldous

Aldous Huxley, Wikipedia entry.
Centre for Aldous Huxley Studies/Aldous-Huxley-Forschungsstelle

Huysman, Joris-Karl

Joris-Karl Huysmans, a web portal.
Works by or about Joris-Karl Huysmans. Internet Archive
Works by Joris-Karl Huysmans. Project Gutenberg
Against Nature ( Á Rebours)