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Paine, Thomas

Thomas Paine National Historical Association
Thomas Paine, Wikipedia entry.

Pamuk, Orhan

Orman Pamuk homepage.
Orhan Pamuk. Random House
Orhan Pamu. Complete Review
Orhan Pamuk, Wikipedia entry.

Parker, Dorothy

Dorothy Parker. Poems and biography.
Dorothy Parker. Wikipedia entry.
Dorothy Parker Society
Dorothy Parker poems. Poem Hunter
Works by Dorothy Parker at Project Gutenberg.
The Algonquin Round Table

Pasternak, Boris

Boris Pasternak. Selected poems in downloadable English translation.
Boris Pasternak. Wikipedia entry.
Boris Pasternak poems.
Boris Pasternak. Nobel Prize Archives
Pasternak’s interview with The Paris Review
Pasternak Family Papers at the Hoover Institution Archives
Poems in Russian. Boris Pasternak Poems
Poems in Russian. Boris Pasternak: biography, photos, poems, prose, critical essays.
Poems in Russian. Boris Pasternak: poems, biography, photo.

Paz, Octavio

Octavio Paz. Academy of American Poets
Octavio Paz. Biography, Nobel Prize lecture.
Octavio Paz Society
Octavio Paz, Wikipedia entry.

Peguy, Charles

Charles Peguy, Wikipedia entry. 

Pepys, Samuel

Pepys, Samuel. The diary of Samuel Pepys. A presentation of the diaries of Samuel Pepys.
A new entry written by Samuel Pepys published each day on the internet, with hyperlinks to
historical background material.
Samuel Pepys, Wikipedia entry.
The Pepys Library, Magdalen College, Cambridge. The library houses the diaries
that Samuel Pepys bequeathed, along with his unique library to the College in 1703.

The Samuel Pepys Club, U.K.
Samuel Pepys, Project Gutenberg etexts.

Perec, Georges

George Perec, Wikipedia entry.
Georges Perec. Liste des études sur l’oeuvre de Georges Perec.
Association Georges Perec
The films of Georges Perec, made between 1965 and 1980: UbuWeb

Pessoa, Fernando

Fernando Pessoa
Fernando Pessoa, Wikipedia entry.
Fernando Pessoa. Site of Disquietude, an audio-visual site dedicated to Pessoa.
Pessoa’s Museum, Lisbon, Portugal
Pessoa’s private library.
Downloads from the digital library at Pessoa’s Museum
The only Portuguese book by Fernando Pessoa published during his lifetime
Pessoa Plural
Brown University Journal
Free download from the Portuguese National Library
35 Sonnets
Free download from the Portuguese National Library
English Poems
Free download from the Portuguese National Library
Free download from the Portuguese National Library
Tribute to Fernando Pessoa
Pessoa. Biography

Pietri, Arturo

Arturo Pietri. Wikipedia


Pindar of Thebes
Pindar: Poems. The Poetry Archive
Pindar, Pythian Three. Translation by Frank J. Nisetich.
Pindar. Wikipedia
The Extant Odes of Pindar by Pindar. Etexts and Ebooks from Project Gutenberg.

Pinter, Harold

Harold Pinter Homepage
Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize Archive.
Harold Pinter, Wikipedia entry.

Pirandello, Luigi

Luigi Pirandello. Nobel Prize Archive
Luigi Pirandello plays, books, biography.

Plath, Sylvia

The Silvia Plath Forum
Silvia Plath, Plath Online, Complete link list, weblog, FAQ, answers pertaining to Plath’s life and work, poetry, bibliography, articles, criticism.
Sylvia Plath, Wikipedia entry.
Audio recordings of Sylvia Plath reading her poems. YouTube


Plutarch. Etexts from The Internet Classics Archive.
Plutarch, Wikipedia entry.
Plutarch, His Life and Legacy

Poe, Edgar Allan

Edgar Allan Poe. Biography and Work
Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe. Wikipedia entry.
Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe Decoder
Edgar Allan Poe. Poems and prose. Academy of American Poets
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Edgar Allen Poe Society in Baltimore

Pope, Alexander

Alexander Pope, etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Twickenham Museum, Alexander Pope.
Alexander Pope, Wikipedia entry.
Alexander Pope. The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems. Project Gutenberg
National Archive archival material relating to Alexander Pope.
The Rape of the Lock study guide.
Poems and articles (including An Essay on Criticism)  by Pope at The Poetry Foundation.

Potok, Chaim

Chaim Potok

Pound, Ezra

Ezra Pound. Wikipedia entry on Ezra Pound.
Ezra Pound. Academy of American Poets 
Ezra Pound web directory.
Ezra Pound, Poems and Biography. AmericanPoems.
Exra Pound’s Poetry Recordings, University of Pennsylvania (PennSound)
Ezra Pound Papers at Yale University
The Cantos, Wikipedia entry.
The Cantos of Ezra Pound. Read The Cantos of Ezra Pound at Questia library.
Peter Stoicheff on the publication history of Drafts and Fragments.

 AA306669 cucina 432 322 300 5101 3801 Scala di grigio
Ezra Pound in Venice

Prévert, Jacques

Hommage to Jacques Prévert.

Prévost, Abbe (Antoine François Prévost)

Abbe Prevost Wikipedia entry. 
Abbe Prevost. Manon Lescaut. Project Gutenberg etext.

Proust, Marcel

Marcel Proust. Kold-Proust Archive, University of Illinois. Letters, resources.
Ephermera site. Letters, articles translated into English.
Société des Amis de Marcel Proust et des Amis de Combray/ Marcel Proust Institute.
Tributes from other writers, extracts, photographs.
Places in France where proust lived and worked. France Today
Proust’s bedroom, reconstructed at Musée Carnavale.
Proust’s childhood holiday house in Illiers,
redesignated Illiers-Combray in 1971, was bequeathed to the Society of the Friends of Marcel Proust, and it has been restored. Architectural Digest
Pinterest image and video gallery of places associated with Marcel Proust.
Proust’s In Search of Lost Time: An ever-growing collection of resources for students and lovers of the novel. Pictures, videos, archives, texts.
Marcel Proust. An Italian site.
La Société des Amis de Marcel Proust et des Amis de Combray
Marcel Proust Gesellschaft Köln
Radio Proust. A collection of audio programs, videos and images relating to Proust’s life and work.
Tribute to Marcel Proust. A French Proust website.
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, a French website with videos, audio and text.
Les Journées Musicales Marcel Proust. Amis de Vinteuil
Music in Proust, a page of illustrated and video postings at Pinterest.
Marcel Proust: Writing and the Arts (Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Manuscript samples from Remembrance of Things Past
Temps Perdu. List of Characters, Chronology of the Novel. Italian Proust site. Documents, comments and notes.
YouTube videos on A la recherche du temps perdu and Marcel Proust.
Wikipedia entry on Marcel Proust.

Etexts, audios
À la recherche du temps perdu

Project Gutenberg French texts

Du Côté de Chez Swann
A l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs Volume 1
A l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs Volume 2
A l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs Volume 3
Le Côté de Guermantes Première partie
Le Coté de Guermantes Deuxième partie
Le Côté de Guermantes, ­3. Partie
Sodome et Gomorrhe Volume 1
Sodome et Gomorrhe Volume 2
À la recherche du temps. Scanned page-turning Gallimard edition of Proust’s novel, in French.

English translations by C K Scott Moncrieff

Swann’s Way. Vol. 1 of Remembrance of Things Past. Ebook
Within a Budding Grove (1924) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)
The Guermantes Way (1925) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)
Cities of the Plain (1927) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)
The Captive (1929) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)
The Sweet Cheat Gone (1930) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)
Time Regained (1931) translated by Stephen Hudson [Sydney Schiff] (1868-1944). Ebook
Time Regained (1931) translated by Stephen Hudson [Sydney Schiff] (1868-1944)
Audio readings in French; MP3 audio files from LibriVox.
À l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs

Marcel Proust
Marcel Proust

Pushkin, Alexander Sergyevich

Pushkin, Alexander Sergyevich. The Alexander Pushkin Homepage. Poems by year.
Pushkin information at Wikisource.
Pushkin’s biography.
Complete works (in Russian).
Complete works in ten volumes (In Russian).
Works by Aleksandr Pushkin. Project Gutenberg
Pushkin ebooks.
Books by Aleksandr Pushkin. eBooks
Eugene Onegin. A Romance of Russian Life in Verse, by Aleksandr Pushkin. Translated by Henry Spalding. Ebook
Pushkin, Wikipedia entry.
Pushkin poems in English translations, including Eugene Onegin.