Great painters and sculptors, C

Great painters and sculptors, a list of galleries and museums



Calder, Alexander

Alexander Calder. The Calder Foundation
Alexander Calder, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Alexander Calder, Guggenheim Collection
Alexander Calder. The Tate Collection, London
Alexander Calder. The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Alexander Calder exhibitions, art museums displaying works by Alexander Calder.
Alexander Calder. Artnet
Alexander Calder. Artsy
Alexander Calder. Wikipedia entry.

Callot, Jacques

Jacques Callot. Works by Jacques Callot in art musueums.
Jacques Callot. Getty Museum
Jacques Callot. The National Gallery of Art
Jacques Callot. Les Grandes Misères de la Guerre. Université de Liège (Belgique)
Jacques Callot. Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.

Calvaert, Denys

Denys Calvaert. The Art Institute of Chicago
Denys Calvaert. National Galleries of Scotland
Denys Calvaert Online
Denys Calvaert. Wikipedia.

Campin, Robert The Mater of Flemalle)

Campin, Robert (Master of Flemalle). Works by Robert Campin in art museums.
Robert Campin. Olga’s Web Gallery
Robert Campin biography. Art Bible
Robert Campin. The National Gallery, London
Robert Campin. The Getty Museum
Robert Campin ArtChive

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canale)

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canale). National Gallery, London.
Canaletto. Olga’s Gallery
Canaletto. Works by Canaletto in art museums.
Canaletto. Web Museum Image Gallery
Canaletto. Wikipedia

Canova, Antonio

Antonio Canova. Works by Canova in art museums.
Antonio Canova. Il Museo Canoviano di Possagno. The Canova Museum
Canova. Eros and Pysche  and other works. Le Louvre, Paris.
Canova. Hermitage Museum

Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da

Caravaggio. Olga’s Gallery.
Caravaggio. Vatican Collection.
Caravaggi artworks in museums.
Caravaggio. Wikipedia eentry.
Caravaggio. An evolving database on the Italian painter’s life and works. 
Caravaggio. Web Gallery of Art image collection.
Caravaggio. WebMuseum image gallery.
Caravaggio. The National Gallery, London.

The Fortune Teller
The Fortune Teller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caravaggio. The Fortune Teller. 1594-95, canvas. Musée du Louvre at Paris.

Carpaccio, Vittore

Vittore Carpaccio artworks in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Vittore Carpaccio. Catholic Encyclopedia article.

Carra, Carlo

Carlo Carra. Art museums displaying works by Carlo Carra.

Carracci, Annibale

Art museums displaying works by Annibale Carracci.
Annibale Carracci, WebMuseum
Annibale Carracci. Artchive web gallery.
Annibale Carracci. Web Gallery of Art
Annibale Carracci. Hermitage Museum
Annibale Carracci. Drawings, National Gallery of Art, U.S.
Annibale Carracci. Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Annibale Carracci. CGFA Gallery

Carrington, Leonora

Leonora Carrington. Surrealist Art by Leonora Carrington
Leonora Carrington. Wikipedia entry.

Cassatt, Mary

Mary Cassatt. CGFA Gallery
Mary Cassatt. Olga’s Gallery
Mary Cassatt. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Mary Cassat. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Mary Cassatt. Works by Mary Cassatt in French art museums and galleries.
Mary Cassatt. Works by Mary Cassatt in art museums.
Mary Cassatt. WebMuseum

Cézanne, Paul

Paul Cezanne, a list of websites and art museums.
Paul Cezanne. The Tate Gallery
Paul Cezanne. Courtald Institute of Art, London
Paul Cézanne. The National Gallery, London
Paul Cezanne. National Gallery of Art, Washington D. C.
Paul Cezanne. Introduction and images from Artchive.
Paul Cezanne. The Art Institute of Chicago
Paul Cézanne Studio, Aix-en-Provence. Atelier Cezanne
Paul Cezanne. WebMuseum
Paul Cezanne. The Phillips Collection
Paul Cezanne. The Google Art Project online gallery of high-definition images.
Paul Cezanne. Art museums displaying works by Paul Cezanne.
Paul Cezanne’s technique. Formalism and Psychoanalysis: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Paul Cezanne. Paintings arranged chronologically. Wiki Paintings
Paul Cézanne, Wikipedia entry.

Mont Sainte-Victoire, ca.1887, Courtauld Institute of Art. Paul Cézanne

Chagall, Marc

Marc Chagall. Wikipedia entry.
Marc Chagall Online
Marc Chagall. Guggenheim Collection 
Marc Chagall. The Art Institute of Chicago
American Window, the stained glass installation at The Art Institute of Chicago.
Marc Chagall. The Tate Gallery, London.
Marc Chagall. Official site of Marc Chagall Museum in Nice, France
Marc Chagall at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Marc Chagall at Olga’s Gallery

Chapman, Jake and Dinos

Jake and Dinos Chapman. Artseensoho

Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon

Jean-Baptise-Simeon Chardin. The National Gallery
Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. Works by Chardin in art museums.
Chardin WebMuseum
Chardin paintings. Artchive
Chardin. Louvre, Paris
Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. Wikipedia entry.

de Chavannes, Pierre Puviis

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes on the internet.
de Chavannes. Le Louvre
de Chavannes. WebMuseum
de Chavannes. Musée d’Orsay
de Chavannes. National Gallery, London
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, high-resolution images at The Google Art Project.

Chillida, Eduardo

Chillida, Eduardo. Eduardo Chilida on the web. Museums displaying works by Eduardo Chillida.

de Chirico, Georgio

Georgio de Chirico Image gallery
de Chirico. Art museums displaying works by de Chirico.
de Chirico official site.
de Chirico. The Guggenheim Collection
de Chirico. MOMA, New York
de Chirico. The Tate Gallery, London
Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico
de Chirico. Art Institute of Chicago

Christus, Petrus

Petrus Christus. WebMuseum
Petrus Christus. Olga’s Gallery
Petrus Christus. Art museums. Artcylcopedia

Christo and Jean-Claude

Christo and Jean-Claude. Christo Homepage.
Christo article from  Artnet.
Christo and Jean-Claude. Standford Lectures

Church, Frederic Edwin

Frederic Edwin Church Gallery at MuseumSyndicate
Rederic Church. Olana Partnership website
Federic Edwin Chuurch. Boston Art Club: Official website
Frederic Edwin Church. Wikipedia
Federic Edwin Church. Artcyclopedia

Cimabue (Cenni di Peppi)

Cimabue (Cenni di Peppi). The Vatican Gallery
Cimabue. Artchive
Cimabue. Cimabue homepage.
Cimabue. An overview from The Florence Art Guide.
Cimabue. Olga’s Gallery

Cocteau, Jean

Jean Cocteau, the Official Site
The Notre Dame de France Church in London, a blog posting.
Notre Dame de Jérusalem by Jean Cocteau. Rennes-le-Chateau
Jean Cocteau artworks online.
Jean Cocteau. Centre Pompidou, Paris
The Guardian Jean Cocteau news archive.

Coe, Sue

Sue Coe. Works on display in art museums. Artcyclopedia

Collings, Mathew

Mathew Collings and Emma Biggs website.
Mathew Collings. An article in The Guardian.
A documentary by Mathew Collings on The Tate Modern.

Constable, John

John Constable. Artchive Images.
John Constable. Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, UK. Search the database for paintings, sketches and documents.
John Constable. A large selection of paintings and sketches at The Tate Gallery, London.
John Constable. The Royal Academy, London
John Constable. The National Gallery, London
John Constable. The Courtauld Institute, London
John Constable. The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
John Constable. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
John Constable. A sketchbook. The V&A
John Constable. Philadelphia Museum of Art
John Constable paintings on display in art museums.

Cornell, Joseph

Joseph Cornell. Art museums directory. Artcyclopedia
Joseph Cornell. Mark Harden’s Artchive
The Joseph Cornell Box
Joseph Cornell on YouTube.
Joseph Cornell. The Art Institute of Chicago
Joseph Cornell. The Guggenheim Museum
Joseph Cornell. The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
John Cornell. Navigating the Imagination
Joseph Cornell.The New York Times archive of articles on Joseph Cornell.
Joseph Cornell. Wikipedia
Joseph Cornell, WebMuseum image gallery.

Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camille

Jean-Baptiste Corot. Artchive Gallery
Jean Baptiste Corot. Corot artworks on display in art museums.
Jean Baptise Corot. The Louvre, Paris
Jean Baptise Corot. Musee D’Orsay, Paris
Jean Baptiste Corot. CGFA Gallery
Jean Baptise Corot. The National Gallery, London
Jean-Baptise Corot. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Courbet, Gustave

Gustave Courbet. WebMuseum
Custave Courbet paintings on display in art museums.
Gustave Courbet. National Gallery, London
Gustave Courbet. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Gustave Courbet. Musée d’Orsay
Musée Courbet
Gustave Courbet. National Gallery, London
Gustave Courbet. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Gustave Courbet. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cranach, Lucas (The Elder)

Lucas Cranach. Art museums displaying works by Lucas Cranach.
Lucas Cranach. Olga’s Gallery
Lucas Cranach, WebMuseum
Lucas Cranach the Elder biography
Lucas Cranach the Elder. The National Gallery, London
Lucas Cranach the Elder. Wikipedia