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Hals, Frans

Frans Hals. Art museums displaying works by Frans Hals.
Frans Hals in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Frans Hals. The National Gallery, London
Franz Hals. Web Museum
The Frans Hals Museum
Frans Hals. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
Frans Hals. Le Louvre, Paris.
Frans Hals. Artchive image gallery, with an introduction.
Frans Hals. The Web Gallery of Art
Frans Hals. Olga’s Gallery

Hammershoi, Vilhelm

Vilhelm Hammershoi, an image gallery from Art in the Picture.
Vilhelm Hammershoi
A database of works by Hammershoi in Danish art museums. Kunstindeks Danmark
Vilhelm Hammershoi. Royal Academy
The Poetry of Silence. A painting and photograph exhibition. The Guardian
A documentary by Michael Palin on Vilhelm Hammershoi.
Vilhelm Hammershoi. The Tate Gallery
Vilhelm Hammershoi. SMK, Denmark

Haring, Keith

A Keith Haring website.

Hartung, Keith

Hans Hartung. Art museums displaying work by Hans Hartung.
Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman Foundation.

Hassan, Childe

Childe Hassan

Heartfield, John

John Heartfield. Works by Heartfield in art museums.
John Heartfield. Wikipedia,
John Heartfield. A brief biography, artwork.
John Heartfield. MOMA
John Heartfield. Eastman House Museum of Photography & Film
John Heartfield. A web gallery from Towson University

Hiller, Susan

Susan Hiller Homepage
Susan Hiller. Tate Gallery

Hilliard, Nicholas

Hilliard, Nicholas. Nicholas Hilliard. National Portrait Gallery
Nicholas Hillard Online. Artcyclopedia
Nicholas Hilliard. WebMuseum
Nicholas Hillaird. Wikipedia
Nicholas Hilliard. Fitzwilliam Museum
Second Great Seal of Elizabeth I

Hiroshige, Ando

Hiroshige, Ando (Ichiryusai Hiroshige). Ando Hiroshige.
Art museums, websites. Artcyclopedia
Ando Hiroshige. WebMuseum.
Ando Hiroshige. Artchive gallery.
Ando Hiroshege, Wikipedia entry.

Hirst, Damien

Damien Hirst, works on display in art museums.
Damien Hirst. Guardian interview.
YouTube interviews with Damien Hirst.
Wikipedia entry on Damien Hirst.
Official Damien Hirst Website
Damien Hirst at The Gagosian Gallery.
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Wikipedia entry.

Hitchens, Ivon

Ivon Hitchens, Artnet
Ivon Hitchens. Works by Ivon Hitchens in galleries and museums.

Hockney, David

Hockney, David. David Hockney. WebMuseum
Hockney, David. Artchive Image Gallery
David Hockney. Museums and galleries displaying the work of David Hockney.
David Hockney watercolours at Annely Juda Gallery, London.
David Hockney. Online images at Artnet.
A Bigger Splash and Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures).
David Hockney’s 4th International Laboratory for the History of Science. Address by David Hockney.
Salts Mill. The new David Hockney gallery in Bradford, UK.
Prints by David Hockney for sale here.

Höch, Hannah

Hannah Hoch. Works by Hannah Hoch in art museums.

Hodgkin, Sir Howard

Howard Hodgkin. Archive image gallery.
Howard Hodgkin. The painter’s authorised website.
Howard Hodgkin. BBC audio interview.
Howard Hodgkin. Tate Gallery, London
Howard Hodgkin. Gagosian Gallery, London

Hogarth, William

Hogarth, William. The William Hogarth Archive
The complete works of William Hogarth : in a series of one hundred and fifty steel engravings from the original pictures
William Hogarth
A site for Hogarth researchers, with articles, books, images and a bibliography, by Hogarth scholar Bernd Krysmanski. The site includes many other Hogarth internet resources, as well as excerpts from the Hogarth Bibliography by Bernd Krysmanski.
William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture
William Hogarth. Olga’s Gallery
William Hogarth. Works by Hogarth in art museums.
William Hogarth. The National Gallery, London
William Hogarth,  The Rake’s Progress.  Wikipedia entry.
William Hogarth. Tate Gallery, London (inlcudes The Rake’s Progress)

Holbein, Hans

Hans Holbein the Younger. Commentary and images. Artchive
Hans Holbein the Elder and Younger. WebMuseum
Hans Holbein the Younger. Olga’s Gallery
Hans Holbein the Younger. Getty Museum
Hans Holbein the Younger. The Merchant Georg Gisze
A high-resolution image from Google Art Project.
Hans Holbein the Younger. The Ambassadors, The National Gallery
Hans Holbein the Younger. A Lady with a Squirrel. The National Gallery
Hans Holbein the Elder.
Art museums displaying works by Hans Holbein the Elder.
Hans Holbein the Younger
Art museums displayings works by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Holzer, Jenny

Jenny Holzer webpage.  ah, da ‘web
Jenny Holzer. Works by Jenny Holzer in art museums.
Jenny Holzer. Truisms

de Hooch, Pieter de

Pieter de Hooch. Artchive gallery.
Pieter de Hooch on the internet.
Pieter de Hooch. Rijksmuseum
Pieter de Hooch. The National Gallery
Pieter de Hooch. Joconde Art Database (France)
Pieter de Hooch. National Gallery of Art

Hopper, Edward

Hopper, Edward.  Edward Hopper, WebMuseum.
Edward Hopper. Works by Edward Hopper in art museums.
Edward Hopper. National Gallery of Art, U.S.
Edward Hopper. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Edward Hopper. MOMA
Edward Hopper. The Art Institute of Chicago

Horn, Roni

Roni Horn.  JCA interview.

Hume, Gary

Gary Hume. White Cube, London.
Gary Hume. Guardian review.
Gary Hume. Wikipedia
Gary Hume. Artnet
Gary Hume Online
Gary Hume. Tate Collection

Hundertwasser, Friedensreich

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Wikipedia entry.
Kunst Haus Wien.
A forum, with international exhibitions and home for the work of Hundertwasser.
Hundertwasser Haus Blog
Museum Hunterwasser, Vienna
The Hundertwasser Encyclopedia
Kawakawa Hunterwasser Park Charitable Trust, New Zealand
Paintings by Friedensreich Hundertwasser at
Paintings by Friedensreich Hundertwasser at Wikiart.
The Hundertwasser Foundation (Die Hunterwasser Stiftung)