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Salle, David

David Salle. Art museums displaying works by David Salle. Artcyclopedia
David Salle. Saatchi Gallery
David Salle. Skarstedt Gallery
David Salle. Guggenheim Gallery

Sansovino, Jacopo

Jacopo Sansovino website.
Jacopo Sansovino. Art museums displaying works by Jacopo Sansovino.
Jacopo Sansovino. Courtauld Institute
Jacopo Sansovino. Le Louvre
Biblioteca Marciana. Wikipedia

Sargent, Sir John Singer

Sir John Singer Sargent. Artchive gallery.
John Singer Sargent. WebMuseum
John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery
John Singer Sargent. Art museums displaying work by Sargent.
John Singer Sargent. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sargent and Italy, an exhibition catalogue.
Rosina Ferrara, Sargent’s muse and model in Sicily.
John Singer Sargent. Royal Academy of Art, London.
John Singer Sargent. National Portrait Gallery, London
John Singer Sargent. The Tate Gallery, London

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1885-1886 Tate Britian
John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1885-1886 Tate Britain

Saville, Jenny

Jenny Saville. Art Guide. Saattchi Gallery Collection, London. Jenny Saville discussion list.
Jenny Saville photographs.

Scarpa, Carlo

 Carlo Scarpa. Studio Cleo

Schad, Christian

Christian Schad Online
Christian Schad. Tate Gallery
Christian Schad Biography
Christian Schad, Wikipedia entry.
Christian Schad, gallery and biography.

Schiele, Egon

Egon Shciele
With 41 paintings and 188 works on paper the Leopold Museum is the largest and most prominent collection with works of Egon Schiele worldwide.
Egon Schiele. Artchive Gallery
Egon Schiele Centre. Watercolours and drawings.
Egon Schiele. Guggenheim Museum
Egon Schiele. Museum of Modern Art, New York
Egon Schiele
Works by Egon Schiele in art museums.
Egon Schiele webshots.
Egon Schiele Museum
Egon Schiele. Albertina Bildedatenbank (141 works)
Egon Schiele. WebMuseum

Schnabel, Julian

Julian Schnabel slide show,  New York Times
Julian Schnabel. Wikipedia
Julian Schnabel. Artnet
Julian Schnabel. Filmography from IMDB.
Julian Schnabel artworks on display in museums.
Julian Schnabel. ARTseenSOHO

Schwitters, Kurt

Kurt Schwitters. Dada Online
Kurt Schwitters. Artchive
Kurt Schwitters website
Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Project. The Merz barn building, Eleterwater, still much as Kurt Schwitters left it in 1948, is located in the Langdale valley, Cumbria,
Kurt Schwitters. Wikipedia entry.
Kurt Schwitters. MOMA
Kurt Schwitters. The Tate Collection
Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage
Kurt Schwitters Exhibition at Princeton Museum. Review from The NY Times.
Kurt Schwitters. The Guggenheim Collection
Kurt Schwitters Society

Segal, George

George Segal. Art museums displaying works by George Segal.
George Segal. MOMA

Sengai, Gibbon

Sengai gallery from Hungary.

Seurat, Georges

Georges Seurat. Artchive gallery.
Georges Seurat. WebMuseum
Georges Seurat. The National Gallery, London
Georges Seurat. The Drawings. MOMA
Georges Seurat. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Georges Seurat. Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Georges Seurat. Tate
Georges Seurat. Art museums displaying work by Seurat.

Severini, Gino

Gino Severini. Manifestos by Gino Severini.
Gino Severini. Artchive images.
Gino Severini website.
Gino Severini. Wikipedia
Gino Severini. MOMA
Gino Severini. Art museums displaying work by Severini.

Sickert, Walter Richard

Walter Sickert. Tate Gallery Collection
Walter Sickert. Art museums displaying works by Walter Sickert. 
Walter Sickert. Wikipedia

Signac, Paul

Paul Signac.  WebMuseum
Paul Signac. Work shown in art museums.  Artcyclopedia
Paul Signac. The Dining Room. The Met
Paul Signac. MoMA
Musée d’Orsay: Paul Signac
The Art Institute of Chicago
Place des Lices, St. Tropez. Carnegie Museum of Art

Signorelli, Luca

Luca Signorelli. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Luca Signorelli. Artchive gallery.

Silva, Viera da

Helena Vieira da Silva. Wikipedia

Simmons, Gary

Gary Simmons. Wake

Smith, Sir Mathew

Sir Mathew Smith. British Government Government Art Collection 

Soulages, Pierre

Pierre Soulages. Art museums displaying works by Soulages.
Pierre Soulages. A dedicated site. Site documentaire sur l’oeuvre de Pierre Soulages en construction permanente.

Soutine, Chaim

Chaim Soutine. Exhibitions guide.  Artcyclopedia
Chaim Soutine. Musee de l’Orangerie, Paris
Chaim Soutine. Wikipedia entry.
Chaim Soutine. Olga’s Gallery
Chaim Soutine. Tate Gallery
Chaim Soutine. Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland.

Spencer, Sir Stanley

Sir Stanley Spencer. Art museums displaying works by Stanley Spencer.
Stanley Spencer in Cookham
Stanley Spencer, Tate Gallery
Stanley Spencer. Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia.
Stanley Spencer, a tribute website.
Stanley Spencer and the English garden. Compton Verney Gallery
Sir Stanley Spencer. Between Heaven and Earth. Kunsthal, Neyherlands.
Stanley Spencer Homepage
Stanley Spencer. Wikipedia entry.
The Sandham Memorial Chapel. Photo gallery.
Sir Stanley Spencer, Official War Artist

Spencer-Stanhope, John Roddam

John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope. Artform Gallery

Spiegelman, Art

Art Spielgelman. Wikipedia
Art Spiegelman biography, at the Steven Barclay Agency
Art Spiegelman biography. Lambiek

de Stael, Nicholas

Nicholas de Stael


Stelarc. An Australian performance artist.

Stella, Frank

Frank Stella. Art galleries and museums displaying works by Frank Stella.
Frank Stella. Artchive gallery.
Frank Stella. The Guggenheim Collection
Frank Stella. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Frank Stella. The Tate Collection
Frank Stella. MOMA
Frank Stella. Art Institute of Chicago
Frank Stella. Wikipedia
Frank Stella. Artnet

Still, Clifford

Clifford Still. Guggenheim Collection
Clyfford Still. National Gallery of Art, US
Clyfford Still Estate Collection

Stillman, Ary

Ary Stillman
Ary Stillman was a Russian American artist who is yet to receive the recognition he received in the 1920’s until his death in 1967. The Stillman-Lack Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to make the drawing and paintings of Ary Stillman more accessible.

Stuck, Franz von

Franz von Stuck. Paintings, buildings and interiors.

Stubbs, George

George Stubbs. National Gallery, London
George Stubbs. Olga’s Gallery
George Stubbs. The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
George Stubbs. The Tate Gallery, London.
George Stubbs. Art museums holding work by George Stubbs.

Sughi, Alberto

Alberto Sughi, considered to be one of the major Italian artists/painters of his generation.

Sutherland, Graham

Graham Sutherland. Art museums displaying works by Sutherland.
Graham Sutherland. Redfern Gallery
Graham Sutherland. National Portrait Gallery, London
Graham Sutherland. Tate Gallery, London.
Graham Sutherland. Wikipedia