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Bacon, Francis

Francis Bacon paintings on display in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Francis Bacon websites, a list.
Francis Bacon. WebMuseum
Francis Bacon. The Tate Collection
Francis Bacon. The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Francis Bacon. The Art Insitute of Chicago
Francis Bacon, Wikipedia entry.
Francis Bacon. The Francis Bacon Estate
Francis Bacon. The Hugh Lane Gallery. The Francis Bacon Studio, Dublin
Video interview with Francis Bacon on The Southbank Show.

Baldessari, John

John Baldessari homepage.
John Baldessari, Wikipedia entry.
John Baldessari on artnet.
John Baldessari Online

Balthus (Count Balthazaar Klossowski)

Balthus (Count Balthazaar Klossowski). Artcyclopedia
Balthus. Tate Gallery, London
Balthus. Museum of Modern Art
Fondation Balthus
Balthus. Life and Works. A Balthus homepage.
Balthus. Mark Harden’s Artchive
Balthus, Wikipedia entry.

Balla, Giacomo

Giacomo Balla. Tate Collection


Banksy website.
Banksy, Wikipedia entry.
Banksy (@banksy) • Instagram photos and videos
Dismaland Bemusement Park, U.K.
Dismal Land, a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism. Are you looking for an alternative to the sugar-coated tedium of the average family day?
Bansky opens Dismaland amusement park.

di Bartolo, Andrea

Andrea di Bartolo. Artcyclopedia
Andrea di Bartolo. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Andrea di Bartolo. The Atheneum picture database.
Andrea di Bartolo. The Web Gallery of Art

Baselitz, George

George Baselitz. Art museums. Artcyclopedia.
George Baselitz. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
George Baselitz. Guggenheim Berlin
George Baselitz. Tate Gallery
George Baselitz, address contacts.

Basquiat, Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel Basquait. New York Times
Jean-Michel Basquiat. Wikipedia entry.
Jean-Michel Basquiat. Background and bibliography.
Jean-Michel Basquiat. Brooklyn Museum retrospective.

Bastien-Lepage, Jules

Jules Bastien-Lepage. Wikipedia entry.
Jules Bastien-Lepage. Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

Baumeister, Willi

Willi Baumesiter. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Willi Baumester. Article and Standing Figure with Blue Plane.

Bazille, Frederic

Frederic Bazille. Artchive image gallery.
Frederic Bazille. WetCanvas exhibitions, images, bio.
Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of ImpressionismNat.National Gallery of Art
Musée d’Orsay: Frédéric Bazille Family Reunion
Ferederic Bazilee. Olga’s Gallery
Frederic Bazille. WebMuseum

Bearden, Romare

Romare Beardon Foundation
Romare Bearden works of art on display in art museums.  Artcyclopedia

Beardsley, Aubrey

Aubrey Beardsley. Wikipedia entry.
Aubrey Beardsley Art Images. Art Passions
The Art of Aubrey Beardsley (A Collection of His Works)
Aubrey Beardsley Online
Aubrey Beardsley. Victorian Web
Aubrey Beardsley. The Victoria and Albert Museum

Beckmann, Max

Max Beckmann. Max Beckmann. Museums displaying works by Max Beckmann.
Max Beckmann. Tate Gallery, London
Max Beckmann. Museum of Modern Art
Max Beckmann. Wikipedia entry.
Max Meckmann. Richard Nagy Gallery
Max Beckmann. Ten Dreams Galleries

Bell, Vanessa

Vanessa Bell. Tate Gallery, London

Bellini, Gentile

Gentile Bellini. Wikipedia entry.

Bellini, Giovanni

Giovanni Bellini. Web Museum
Giovanni Bellini. Olga’s Gallery
Giovanni Bellini. CGFA Gallery
Giovanni Bellini. Louvre, Paris
Giovanni Bellini. National Gallery, London
Giovanni Bellini. Ufizzi Gallery, Florence
Giovanni Bellini. Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice.
Giovanni Bellini. Art museums showing works by Giovanni Bellini.
Giovanni Bellini. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Bellini, Jacopo

Jacopo Bellini Online
Jacopo Bellini. Olga’s Gallery
Jacopo Bellini. Web Gallery of Art

Bellmer, Hans

Hans Bellmer. Art Institute of Chicago
Hans Bellmer. FAMSF
Hans Bellmer. Gallery of doll images.

Bellows, George Wesley

George Bellows. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
George Bellows. The Royal Academy
George Bellows. Catalogue Raisonné
George Bellows. National Gallery of Art
George Bellows. Artcyclopedia
George Bellows. Wikipedia

Benglis, Lynda

Benglis, Lynda. Lynda Benglis

Bengston, Billy Al

Billy Al Bengston, a homepage.
Billy Al Bengston. Artnet.com
Billy Al Bengston. Artcyclopedia

Béraud, Jean

Jean Beraud on the internet. Artcyclopedia
Jean Beraud. Wikipedia entry.
Jean Beraud website.
Jean Beraud. Musee d’Orsay, Paris.
Jean Beraud. Bridgeman Art Library

Bernini, Gian Lorenc

Gian Bernini. Museums dispaying works by Bernini.
Gian Bernini. The Vatican
Gian Bernini. L’cstasy of Santa Teresa
Gian Bernini. Images from  Thai

Beuys, Joseph

Joseph Beuys. Art museums displaying works by Joseph Bueys.
Joseph Beuys im Diözesanmuseum Köln. Cologne Web
Joseph Beuys. Images, statements and essays.
Joseph Beuys. Demarco European Art Foundation

Bierstadt, Albert

Albert Bierstadt. White Mountain Art and Artists
Albert Bierstadt image gallery and website.
Albert Bierstadt. Wikipedia entry.
Albert Bierstadt. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota
Albert Bierstadt. Artcyclopedia

Blake, William

William Blake Archive
William Blake, an image gallery from WebMuseum.
William Blake Artcyclopedia
William Blake collection at the Tate Gallery
William Blake. Web Museum
William Blake. Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Blake 001
William Blake (1757–1827) Beatrice Addressing Dante 1824-1827 Watercolor

Blanchard, Antoine

Antoine Blanchard

Bleckner, Ross

Ross Bleckner

Boccioni, Umberto

Umberto Boccioni.  Artchive
Umberto Boccioni. Artworks on display in museums.

Böcklin, Arnold

Arnold Böcklin. Art museums and galleries.
Arnold Bocklin. From Artchive.
Arnold Böcklin – The complete works
Arnold Bocklin. Neue Pinakothek
Arnold Böcklin. Wikipedia

Boetti, Aligiero

Aligiero e Boetti, a dedicated site. Exhibitions, biography. Works by the Italian artist from the Arte Povera movement.
Alighiero e Boetti, works by Boetti in art museums.
Alighiero Boetti. Tate Learning resources.

Boldini, Giovanni

Giovanni Boldini. Art museums holding works by Boldini.

Boltanski, Christian

Christian Boltanski.  Art museums and galleries.
Christian Boltanski. Guggenheim Museum

Bonnard, Pierre

Bonnard, Pierre. Pierre Bonnard. CGFA
Pierre Bonnard. State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Pierre Bonnard. Minneapolis Institute of the Arts
Pierre Bonnard. Art Institute of Chicago
Pierre Bonnard. Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Pierre Bonnard. National Gallery of Art
Pierre Bonnard. Museums displaying works by Pierre Bonnard.
Pierre Bonnard. Artchive

Bosch, Hieronymus

Hieronymus Bosch WebMuseum. Hieronymus Van Aken “Bosch”, El Bosco.
Hieronymus Bosch. Artchive
Bosch. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre-artcenter.nl
Hieronymous Bosch, Olga’s Gallery
Hieronymous Bosch. Web Gallery of Art
Hieronymous Bosch. WebMuseum
Hieronymous Bosch. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Bosch exhibition at Noordbrabants Museum
Museo del Prado
A Crossbowman
Adoration of the Magi
Extracting the Stone of Madness
Table of the Mortal Sins
The Garden of Earthly Delights
The Hay Wagon
The Temptations of Saint Anthony
Hieronymus Bosch. Wikipedia
Bosch Research and Conservation Project (BRCP
J Heronimus Bosch Art Center

The Garden of Earthly Delights in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, c. 1495–1505, attributed to Bosch.

Hieronymus Bosch. Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Spain.
Hieronymus Bosch. Art museums holding works by Bosch. Artcyclopedia

Botero, Fernando

Fernando Botero.  Artchive
Fernando Botero. Essays on Fernando Botero.
Botero in Venice, an exhibition in Venice (2003).
Fernando Botero. Art museums displaying works. Artcyclopedia

Botticelli, Sandro

Sandro Botticelli. Artchive image gallery.
Botticelli drawings (2). Biblioteca e Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, catalogue of drawings.
Botticelli, Wikipedia entry.
Botticelli. WebMuseum
Botticelli. Venus and the Graces Offering Gifts to a Young Girl. Le Louvre.
Botticelli. National Gallery of Art, Washington D. C.
Botticelli. Works by Sandro Botticelli in art museums.
Botticelli. National Gallery, London
Botticelli. Uffizi Museum, Florence
Botticelli. Primavera. Artchive Gallery
The Birth of Venus, an analysis.

Boucher, Francois

Francois Boucher. WebMuseum
Francois Boucher. State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Boudin, Eugène

Eugene Boudin. Web Museum
Eugène Boudin. Olga’s Gallery
Eugène Boudin. Artchive. Biography and gallery.
Eugène Boudin. Wikipedia
Eugène Boudin. The complete works.
Eugene Boudin. The National Gallery, London
Eugene Boudin. Musée d’Orsay Collection Database, Paris
Eugene Boudin. Museum Collection Database for the Region of Haute-Normandie
Eugene Boudin. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Eugene Boudin Online

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe

William Bouguereau. Art museums displaying works by William Bouguereau.
William Bouguereau. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Wikipedia

Bourdelle, Emile Antoine

Emile Antioine Bourdelle. Art museums. Artcyclopedia

Bourgeois, Louise

Louise Bourgeois. Tate Gallery
Louise Bourgeois. MoMA
Louise Bourgeois: 10 essential artworks
Louise Bourgeois. Guggenheim Museum
Louise Bourgeois. Wikipedia
Louise Bourgeois artworks in galleries and museums.

Brabazon, Hercules Hercules

Hercules Brabazon. Tate Gallery, London

Brancusi, Constantin

Constantin Brâncuşi. Wikipedia entry.
Constantin Brancusi. Guggenheim Collection
Constantin Brancusi. Artchive
Constanti Brancusi, a website.
Constantin Brancusi Online

Brangwyn, Sir Frank

Sir Frank Brangwyn. A biographical overview and image gallery.
Sir Frank William Brangwyn. Artworks on display in art museums and galleries.
Sir Frank Brangwyn. Biography and image sampler.
Frank Brangwyn. Art UK
Frank Brangwyn. National Galleries of Scotland
Sir Frank Brangwyn. Tate

Braque, Georges

George Braque image gallery from  Artchive.
Georges Braque. Art museums holding by works by Georges Braque.
George Braque. Guggenheim Collection
Georges Braque. Grand Palais
Georges Braque. MOMA
Georges Braque. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Georges Braque. The Phillips Collection
Georges Braque. Works of art by Braque in French art museums.

Bruegel, Pieter

Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pieter Bruegel. National Gallery of Art
Kunsthistorisches Museum: Bruegel
Peter Bruegel. Art museums.  Artcyclopedia
Pieter Bruegel. National  Gallery, London
Pieter Bruegel. Web Gallery of Art

Bronzino, Agnolo

Agnolo Bronzino. WebMuseum
Bronzino. Works by Bronzino in Florence.
Bronzino. Ufizzi Gallery, Florence.
Bronzino. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Bronzino. Le Louvre, Paris.
Bronzino. Works by Bronzino in art museums.

Brouwer, Adriaen

Adriaen Brouwer. Web Gallery of Art
Adriaen Brouwer. The Smokers
Adriaen Brouwer. The National Gallery
Adriaen Brouwer. Rijksmuseum
Adriaen Brouwer
Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery
Adriaen Brouwer. Victoria and Albert Museum
Adriaen Brouwer. Wikipedia entry.

Burden, Chris

Chris Burden gallery.
Chris Burden. Tate Gallery
Chris Burden. ArtNet

Buren, Daniel

Daniel Buren. Art museums displaying works of art by Buren.
Daniel Buren homepage.
Daniel Buren. Wikipedia French entry.
Daniel Buren. Artfact. Images, auction prices.