Classical music online

Classical music online, a guide to websites

Festivals *

Festivals, a guide to websites worldwide.

Salzburg Festival

Polzer Ticket Info. Salzburg. Karten/Tickets. Salzburger Festspiele/ Festspielkarten. 
The leading address concerning tickets for the Salzburg Festival.

Verona Opera Festival

Folk music *

See Folk music and World Music

Forums *

GMG Classical Music Forum

The New Classical Music Forums

Magle International Music Forums


German music and musicians.
A database of German music and musicians. MIZ

Grove Music Dictionary Online

Guitar *

CrossRoads offers a new way to learn to play guitar with guitar tabs, steaming videos, sound clips, tablature, live on-line lessons and much more.


See also: String instruments

The British Harpsichord Society

History of the dance

See: Dance

History. General music history outlines.
History of music from ancient times and 13th century polyphony to 19th century opera/ 20th century. Based on Donald Jay Grout’s  History of Western Music. 

Instrumentalists *

See: String instrumentalists and Pianists

Instruments, musical instrument makers *

History of the piano *

History of the Piano, 1157-2000.

The Piano
A UK piano information site. History, piano tuners, piano magazines, piano manufacturers.

Period grand pianos. 
The Frederick Collection Hurdy-Gurdy. A gallery of pictures.

Lutes. A gallery of pictures.

Violin makers *

Violin Land

Il Violino, Cremona.

Jazz *

See also: Jazz Music

Jazz Zines, Jazz internet resources.

Absolute Jazz
News about contemporary jazz and improvised music. Jazz forums, reviews.

All About Jazz
Jazz magazine and resource. Jazz webpage links, jazz discussion, jazz articles.

The Chronicle of Jazz
Beginning at the turn of the century, The Chronicle of Jazz charts the evolution of jazz from Africa and the southern United States to the myriad urban styles heard around the world today.

Journals, classical music reviews, classical music blogs.


Klezmer music *

German Klezmer Page

Klezmer music. Cincinatti Klezmer Project.
Klezmer links, online Klezmer midi music.

About the Klezmer Revival
From one of the greatest current klezmer authorities, an article about the Klezmer revival.

The Essential Klezmer

Jewish Music Institute

Klezmer Geneva

Klezmer Ring
Webring for sites about klezmer and klezmer bands.

The Klezmer Shack
Comprehensive site on Klezmer and ‘world music from a Jewish slant.’

The Klezmer Revival, an essay.

Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, Chicago.


Labels/Classical music recording labels

Lessons  See: Classical Music Education and Schools

Lessons. Online Conservatory
Live, online music lessons for all music genres.

Libraries/Music libraries/Manuscript libraries *

Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library
Founded in 1931, MLA is the professional organization in the United States devoted to music librarianship and all aspects of music materials in libraries. As of July 1, 2011, MLA is also the United States branch of IAML, the International Association of Music Libraries.

Wellesley College Music Library

Library of Congress Recorded Sound Reference Center

Live music

MP3 Downloads and streaming classical music. 

Live radio broadcasts on the internet.
A worldwide directory.


Magazines, classical music journals

See: Classical Music Journals and Blogs

Gramophone magazine. 
Searchable archive of reviews.

Manuscripts *

The Morgan Library and Museum music manuscripts collection.
The Morgan Library & Museum houses one of the finest collections of music manuscripts in the country. In addition to a large collection of musicians’ letters and first editions of scores and librettos, it has the world’s largest collection of Mahler manuscripts and substantial holdings of Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Schubert, and Richard Strauss. The collection spans six centuries and many countries.

Medieval music

See: Medieval Music

Early Music Composers

Gregorian Chant internet links.

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation

Melody search engines *

MelodyCatcher: An accurate Search Engine for Melodies

Musipedia: A Search Engine for Melodies

Tunespotting: A Search Engine for Melodies

Microtonal music *

American Festival of Microtonal Music

MP3/4 files

See: Classical Music downloads
Reviews, articles, repertoire list, works, composer biographies, scores.

Military music, bugles, drums *

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The International Military Music Society (IMMS)


Musicals/Musical Theatre *

See also: Musicals, a guide to websites.
Current Broadway productions.

History of Musicals, stage and screen,
from the 1920s to the present day.

Music education

See: Music Education

Kod‡ly Music Education Institute of Australia

Musica. The Music and Science Information Computer Archive
MRN is a newsletter of analysis and commentary on the broad field of research on music and behavior, including evolution, brain mechanisms, child development, perception, learning, memory, performance, health and related topics. The author of all material is Dr. Norman M. Weinberger

Music therapy *

American Music Therapy Association

British Society for Music Therapy

Music Therapy Freudian Slip
A source for information on how to help children and adolescents use popular music, something they already listen to and enjoy, as a way to express their feelings.

Nordoff Robbins (UK)
Nordoff Robbins is a national music therapy charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK.

Musiker Forum. Der Website für klassische Musiker

MP3 Classical *

See: Classical Music downloads

Music lessons. Online Conservatory. Live, online music lessons, for all music genres.

Musicology, music theory *

See also: Musicology

Israel Musicological Society

Musicological Institute of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Nordoff Robbins (UK)
Nordoff Robbins is a national music therapy charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK.

Musiker Forum. Der Website fur klassische Musiker.


National anthems. MP3 downloads.

Naxos Records. Streaming audo files. 

Notation  Musical notation *

Interactive musical scores.

Music notation websites,
a link directory.

Guido d’Arezzo
Links to resources.

Guido d’Arezzo
Catholic Encyclopedia

Interactive lessons and trainers.

Wikipedia entry on musical notation.



See: Opera

Opera composers directory.
More than 100 well-known and lesser-known or obscure opera composers.

OrchestraNet. World Music and Orchestra Directory

Orchestras, symphony orchestras

Organ; pipe organ; reed organ *

The Organ Magazine, UK.

The Organ Historical Society
Historic organs, organ archives.

The Organ Web Ring

Percussion, timpani, drumming

Piano *

See: Piano, Pianists, a guide to websites.

Piano competitions – an international web list.

Piano on the Net. Online piano lessons. The Piano Nanny

Pop music, folk music, rock music

See: Pop Music

A web directory of music publishers from William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University School of Music.


Renaissance music *

See:  Renaissance Music

Early Music Chicago
Early MusiChicago is a web portal to the Early Music scene in the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area and adjoining region.

Early music web links.

French Chanson

Medieval and Renaissance Music
Early Music Resources on the Web.

Renaissance and Baroque Society, Pittsburgh.

A Selection of Renaissance Music 

Resources; general music resources

Music Resources (from M.I.T.). 
Sheet music collections, sheet music in PDF format.


BBC  Radio 3 classical music reviews

Classics Today
Classical music reviews, record reviews.

Gramophone magazine
searchable archive of classical music record and CD reviews.

Musiker Forum
Der Website fŸr klassische Musiker

The Flying Inkpot
Classical music CD reviews. A site from Singapore.

New York Times classical music reviews.

Record Review, UK

The London Telegraph review section.

The Royal Festival Hall
The Royal Festival Hall offer a wide variety of classical music concerts,
art performances, performing arts and free events.

Schools of music

Scores, sheet music

See also: Sheet Music, a guide to websites.

Free Sheet Music Directory. Lyrics.  Musica Viva
A unique classical music arrangement, composition and transcription service, and music education resource for children and adults by composer and teacher Richard Harris. Individual users or ensembles can choose the preferred instrumentation, difficulty level and key of any classical (or ragtime) piece they would like.

Downloadable music scores by major composers, in PDF format.

Second Vienna School. The Arnold Schönberg Centre
Serialism, atonality internet resources.

Singers. The Classical Singer Community
Career information and support. Singing auditions and competitions.

Singers, opera singers, vocal music 

Sound archives *

American Library of Congress
American Memory is a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site includes a massive collection of traditional music recordings, song manuscripts and musical scores.

Bodliean Library Broadside Ballads

BBC Archive Collections

British Library Sound Archives. World and traditional music.

Country Dance and Song Society
Celebrating a Living Tradition of English and Anglo-American Folk Dance and Music since 1915.

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Museum of Ethnography, Budapest.

String instruments *

String instruments, a guide to websites.

Piano, pianists

The Viola Web Site

Violin, violinists, a guide to websites.

Sufi music *

Sufi Music. A dedicated website.

World Sufi Music

Sufi inspired music.

The Symphony *

Symphony orchestras, a guide to websites.

The Symphony. An interactive guide.


Theory; music theory; musicology

Therapy, music therapy *

Music Therapy Freudian Slip
A source for information on how to help children and adolescents use popular music, something they already listen to and enjoy, as a way to express their feelings.

American Music Therapy Association

Australian Music Therapy Association Inc

British Society for Music Therapy

Canadian Association of Music Therapy

New Zealand Society for Music Therapy

Wikipedia entry on music therapy.

Tonality. The Tonal Centre
An interactive site for composers and music theorists. Demonstrates key concepts of tonality, including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation. 

TV theme music *

TV Themes. Classic U.S. TV  Series Theme Music.


Venetian music *

Benedetto Marcello music conservatory.

Music of Venice

La Fenice website.

Viennese music *

Vienna (Wein) Tourist centre. 
Vienna Mozart Concerts, Musicals in Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker, Arnold Schönberg Center, Musikverein,Wien, Jeunesse.

Vienna Modern Masters
A non-profit site distributing CDs produces and internationally distributes compact discs of contemporary classical music. Vienna Modern Masters has no stylistic, gender, ethnic, geographic or  other bias in its choice of music to appear on the label. Its only criterion is musical merit.


See also: String instruments

The Viola Web Site

Viola da Gamba Society
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of activities relating to the viola da gamba in the United States and abroad. A society of players, builders, publishers, distributors, restorers.

Violinists, the violin 

Vocalist International
An Online Journal. Internet resources and discussion list for singers.


See: Opera and Vocal Music


Women composers

See also: Women in music, a guide to websites. 

World music

See also: Music by Country

BBC Radio 3 World music reviews.

PutumayoWorld Music And Culture 
with music from Africa, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, and the world over.

Ethnomusicology, folk music and world music. 
A link list from the Sibelius Academy.

World Music
Live music and dance from around the world. Crash Arts

World Music Charts Europe

The world music magazine. CD reviews, artist interviews, guides to particular world music traditions, concert-listings and travel stories.

WOMAD. World of Music, Arts and Dance

World Music Central
News, artists, reviews, events. distributors, labels.

World Music Network
A rough guide to world music.

World music resources from Indiana University. 
Genres, music by country, classical performers, instrumentalists.

Young people’s music resources *

Music Information Centre for Youth

Podium International
A podium and website for young musicians. Biographies, concerts.

Jeunesses Musicales International
The worldwide network for youth and music has provided young people with a broader access to music, both as performers and listeners, enabling them to develop through music across all boundaries.