The history of architecture; architectural styles and periods

The history of architecture; styles and periods, countries, architecture museums
A comprehensive list of websites


Alberti, Leon Battista *

Ten Books on Architecture, by Leone Battista Alberti.

Leon Battista Alberti
Wikipedia entry.

American architecture *

National Register of Historic Places
The official site provides a searchable database of properties on the Register.

American Jewish Sites Database

American Landscape and Architectural Design, 1850-1920
A collection of 2,800 lantern slides from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The Architecture of Colonial New England and the Southern Colonies
Lecture and bibliography by Valerie Ann Polino.

Architecture of the United States

American Institute of Architects
National professional association of architects.

American Architecture
A Glossary of Historic House Terms

American Architecture
American Architecture, a database of American architectural styles, architects and regions.

Books on Architecture. Manuscripts or prints published in France, written in French or translated into French (16th -17th centuries)
Directors: Frédérique Lemerle and Yves Pauwels

Architects by name – famous architects, a name index.

Art Deco *

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco artists and their works. 

Art Deco Society of California

Art Deco Society of New York

Art Deco, The Washington Art Deco Society

Art Deco, Wikipedia entry.

ArtLex on Art Deco

Decopix. An Art Deco Resource

Miami Beach art deco historic district, a guide.

Miami Design Preservation League

Napier, New Zealand


Baroque architecture *

See also: Churches and Baroque art

Baroque Architecture
Images and information on buildings in the Baroque style. Great Buildings Online.

Baroque Rome in the Etchings of Giuseppe Vasi

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Triumph of the Baroque, Architecture in Europe: 1600-1750
A virtual tour of the exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.

Baroque architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Bauhaus *

The Bauhaus Movement, a Guide to Artists and Major Works

Bauhaus movement Wikipedia entry.

Bauhaus Dessau
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is a centre of research, teaching and experimental design and is dedicated to conserving, researching into and passing on the Bauhaus heritage.

The Bauhaus Archive and Museum, Berlin

The Bauhaus collection at the Guggenheim.

Walter Gropius
Great Buildings

Brunelleschi, Filippo. Brunelleschi images.


Castles, palaces, chateaux, a guide to websites.

Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design
The Atheneum. Buildings of Chicago.

Chrysler Building, New York

Churches and Cathedrals

Cities *

Cities of the world.
Great world heritage cities. Art cities around the world. An index and geographical map.

World Heritage Cities
An international directory.

Czech Republic *

Architecture – CZeCOT

Czech Architecture Foundation

Czech architecture, 
Wikipedia entry.

Great Buildings Online. Czech Republic

Prague buildings, Czech architecture, photos.

Czech architectural monuments.


Edwardian architecture *

Flickr: An image gallery of Edwardian architecture
Photos of complete buildings or details of exteriors and interiors.

Edwardian architecture in Britain.
Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles

Buildings constructed around the world from 1900-1909, a list from Wikipedia.

Edwardian buildings, a list from Wikipedia.

Edwardian Baroque buildings of the British Empire, a list from Wikipedia.

The Victorian Society
The British society responsible for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

Egypt *

Egyptian monuments, Egyptian antiquities.

Great pyramid of Giza Research Association

Official web site of Dr Zahi Hawass, Undersecretary of State for the Giza Monuments, Director of the Pyramids.

Sphinx photographs.


Empire State Building, New York


Florentine Architecture
From Great Buildings Online.


Gothic architecture *

Gothic website links/Gothic cathedrals directory.

Gothic architecture.

Mapping Gothic France
a project by Columbia University

Gothic architecture, 
Wikipedia entry.

Amiens Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris

Salisbury Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

Great Buildings Online
A world collection. Image galleries, information on great architects, famous buildings, places, architectural styles. 3D Models. Oceanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, American, African buildings.

Greek architecture *

Classical Orders of Architecture
An illustrated description of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission.

Ancient Greek Architecture
Information from Great Buildings Online.

Greek Architecture
Explanations and examples of the Greek order of columns: The Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

History of Greek Architecture
Overview with photos of specific examples

Recreating The Theater of Dionysus in Athens
A computer reconstruction.

The Temple of Artemis Ephesus Guide
A virtual tour of the remains of a Greek and later Roman town in Turkey, including history and interactive panoramas.

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome

The Museum of Reconstructions
A non-profit digital museum creating electronic reconstructions of ruined masterpieces of ancient architecture.

Ancient Greek architecture, Wikipedia entry.


Islamic, Arabic architecture *

An online community for architects, planners, urban designers, interior designers, landscape architects, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.

Great Islamic Buildings Online

Islamic Arts and Architecture

Italianate architecture *

Wikipedia entry on the Italinate style of architecture.

John Nash, Wikipedia entry.


Library Search Engine
4500  library webpages worldwide. On-line catalogues, profiles.  Lib-web-cats. From Vanderbilt University.

Locator for structures from Glass, Steel and Stone. Architecture by international location.

Link directories *

Links to architecture websites. 
Boston College


Medieval architecture *

Medieval Architecture
Great Buildings Online

Gothic Architecture

Images of Medieval architecture in Britain.

Medieval Architecture. Medieval Chronicles

Medieval Architecture. English Heritage

Medieval Architecture. Medieval Life and Times

Medieval architecture in England


Modelling *

3D Architectural Renderings
Global 3D Arts has been working in this way with architects and developers for over 20 years. Their artists have over a decade of experience working with architects and developers in architectural animation, rendering, and in building scale models.

3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings
Great Buildings Online

Modern architecture

See also: Architects and Architecture by Country


Mysterious Places
Ruins and ancient monuments.

Mediterranean architecture. 
Searchable database of images from The National University of Australia. 150,000 images.

Metropolis Magazine
Since 1981 Metropolis has been committed  to the examination of contemporary life through the various design  disciplines (architecture, interior design,product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation).

Monasteries *

Great Buildings Online

Orthodox Monasteries Worldwide Directory

Monasteries of Italy

Monasteries of Medieval England

Mount Athos, Greece

Friends of Mount Athos

Tibetan monasteries.

Canada Tibet Committee

Tibetan monasteries image gallery.

Tibetan Monastery Restoration Projects
The Tibet Foundation

Museums of architecture *

ARCAM: Architecture Center AmsterdamArchitecture Center Vienna: Architektur Zentrum Wien (AZW)

Bauhaus Archive: Museum of Design

Benaki Museum: Neohellenic Architecture Archives
Athens, Greece.

Canadian Center for Architecture

Kizhi Open Air Museum
Complex of historic wooden buildings on Kizhi Island, Lake Onega in Russia.

La Galerie d’Architecture
Paris, France

Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal: Architecture Centre Paris

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

MAK Center for Art and Architecture
West Hollywood, California

MoMA: Architecture and Design

Museum of Finnish Architecture

NAi: Netherlands Architecture Institute

National Building Museum
Washington, D.C.

Swiss Archtecture Museum

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design

The Horta Museum


Nexus Network Journal
Architecture and Mathematics online. A peer-reviewed online research resource for studies in architecture and mathematics.


Organic Architecture. Il Portale Web dell’Architettura Organica
The Web Portal of Organic Architecture. Promoting, documenting and  guarding the principles of the Organic Architecture.


News *

Architecture news. ArchDaily was founded with the one mission of delivering the most complete information to architects around the world; every week, every day, every hour. It is an online source of continuous information for architects searching for the latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others.


Palaces and castles, a list of websites.

Palladio, Andrea. Andrea Palladio *

 Andrea Palladio Great Buildings

Palladio, Andrea. Images of Italian villas.

Palladio, Andrea. The Geometric (Golden) Mean

Prague *

Prague and Czech Tour Guide
Sightseeing images.

11 must-see architectural landmarks in Prague. The Spaces

The Top 10 Prague Architectural Buildings. TripAdvisor

Prague Architecture. Guide to Architecture

5 of the Best Gothic Buildings in Prague Photos. Architectural Digest

Architecture The Most Impressive Buildings in Prague. Culture Trip

Paper architects *

Alexander Brodsky. M Guelman Gallery

Brodksy and Utkin etchings

Brodsky and Utkin. Exhibitions.  Artnet



Portmeirion Village, Wales. Location for ‘The Prisoner.’

Preservation, restoration *

Cultural Heritage Preservation
A search engine about the conservation of cultural heritage.

Preservation Directory, US. Historical and cultural preservation resources.

Restoration Online (US)

Search engine for cultural heritage sites.
The conservation of cultural heritage, restoration and maintenance of the architecture, preservation of the urban landscape. Cultural Italy

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, UK.

The Pritzker Prize for Architecture
The Pritzker Architecture Prize World Wide Web Site, providing current  information about the world’s most prestigious architecture award and its Laureates. Includes list of past recipients.


Renaissance architecture *

See: Renaissance Architecture

See also: Italian architecture

Rococo architecture *

Rococo architecture, a list of websites from Wikipedia.

Rococo style | Definition, Art, Painting, & Characteristics.

The Rococo – A Beginner’s Guide to Art and Architecture. ThoughtCo

Roman architecture *

Roman/Architecture of Rome.
Images and commentary.

The Classical order in Greek and Roman architecture. The styles of classical column.

Classical architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Ancient Roman architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Ancient Roman Architecture – Great Buildings Online
Great Buildings Online provides images and commentary on some of the best-known buildings of the Roman world.


Schools of architecture *

Schools of architecture, 
Wikipedia entries.

Shulman, Julius (architectural photographer) *

An online collection of Shulman photographs at USC

Photography Julius Shulman & Juergen Nogai / partnership since 2000

Visual Acoustics. The Modernism Of Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman Resources. Getty Research Institute.

Research Library. Los Angeles, California.



Sacred proportion, sacred geometry, the golden mean

The Society of Architectural Historians

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, UK.

Structures. International database and gallery of structures.  Structurae 


3D Modelling *

3D Architectural Renderings
3D Architectural Renderings, 3D Modeling, 3D Virtual Tours, animations, Walktroughs, Graphic Design and everything related to the Architecture Business.

Free architecture 3D model downloads. TF3D.

LGM 3D Printing and Modellng for architects.

3D printing. Archdaily

htWikipedia entry on 3D modeling.

Yantram 3D rendering & 3D Walkthrough studio


Union Internationale des Architectes
The International Union of Architects aims to unite architects from al nations throughout the world, regardless of nationality, race, religion, professional training or architectural school of thought.

Urbanism *

Architecture and Urbanism. A metalab.

Vernacular architecture *

Environmentally responsible design. Environmental Building News.

Vernacular Architecture Forum

Vernacular Architecture. Great Buildings Online


Vitruvius *

Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. Vitruvius Pollio, 
The Ten Books on Architecture. The full text of the English translation by Morris Hicky Morgan.


World Online news and forums.