Philosophy webpages

A list of academic philosophy webpages


Aesthetics; The Philosophy of Art *


Wikipedia entries on aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

Analytical philosophy *

European Society for Analytic Philosophy

Wikipedia entry on analytic philosophy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) *

Artificial Intelligence Resources at Erratic Impact’

Philosophy, Language, and Artificial Intelligence Resources
Monographs and collections of studies devoted to the investigation and exploration of knowledge, information and data-processing.

Scholarly articles on A. I.Google Scholar


Blogs *

Philosophy blogs


British philosophy and philosophers resources on the internet, from Erratic Impact. 

Buddhism *

Zen Buddhism
The International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, Hanazono University, Japan.

The Buddhist Society: Scriptures & Texts

Buddhist Studies: Texts of Buddhist Scriptures – BuddhaNet
This section is an overview of the Buddhist Scriptures by Ven Sayadaw U Sobhana.


Café Philosophique  (UK).
Contemporary philosophy articles. Submissions welcome.

Children’s philosophy, philosophy for children

Chinese philosophy *

Chinese philosophy


Consciousness *

Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona.

Contemporary Philosophy
A short overview, with hyper-text references.

Courses, schools, universities *

University philosophy departments

Free Online MIT Course Materials – Linguistics and Philosophy
Free and open online Linguistics and Philosophy course materials from MIT. Lecture notes, exams, audio video lectures, textbooks by MIT professors.

Pathways to Philosophy distance learning programs
Launched in August 1997, the Pathways web site is the leading internet distance learning site for philosophy courses online.

Cyberspace, hypertext and critical theory overview (Brown Unversity).
Economics, art, political, social, technology issues.


Dialectics *

Wikipedia entry.

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. 
Wikipedia entry.

Terms explained.


Directories, encyclopaedias, portals *

Philosophy directories


Empirical philosophy, Empiricism *

Wikipedia entry.

Logical positivism or logical empiricism.
Wikipedia entry.

Early Modern Experimental Philosophy Blog
The University of Otago

Encyclopedias *

Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia

Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Standford Encyclopedia

Philosophy resources, a philosophy search engine, philosophy websites.

Epistemelinks. A Philosophy Search Engine

Epistemology *

See: Epistemology websites

Erratic Impact
A Philosophy Research Base. The Philosophy Research Base, categorized by history, subject and author, is a meta-index featuring thousands of annotated links, text resources and community services for students and teachers conducting research in the field of philosophy.

Esoteric philosophy, mythology *

The Rosicrucian Fellowship

The Rosicrucian Order
AMORC, internationally known as the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

Ethics *

Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics
by Dr. Charles Ess.

Virtue Ethics without Character Traits,
by Gilbert Harman, Princeton University.

Rosalind Hursthouse
PDF File on Virtual Ethics. O.U.P.

Etexts, philosophy text databases *

Philosophy texts


Festival Filosofia, Modena/The Festival of Philosophy, Modena, Italy.

Existentialism *

Existentialism: A Primer


Wikipedia entry on existentialism.

Sartre, Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul Sartre
Wikipedia entry.


Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

Existentialism Is a Humanism


Film/Philosophy of film *

Philosophy of film discussion, film philosophers, film philosophy online texts. A journal and discussion salon promoting a philosophical review of cinema and film studies.

Film Philosophy Salon

Forums *

EpistemeLinks database of Philosophy Blogs.

Forum for European Philosophy
The Forum is an educational charity which organizes and runs a full and varied program of philosophy and inter disciplinary events in the UK.

Philosophy Chat Forum (PCF)

French philosophy
See: French philosophy and: Philosophers

Existentialism: a primer.

Centre de resources culturelles.

Modern French Philosophy: 
A Study of the Development Since Comte, by John Alexander Gunn.

The Friesian School
A non-peer-reviewed electronic journal and archive of philosophy, inaugurated on line July 6, 1996, attempting a “Reformation of Philosophy.”


German philosophy
See: German philosophy

German Idealism

German Philosophy and Philosophers

German philosophy.
Wikipedia entry.

Gnosticism *

The Gnosis Archive

Nag Hammadi Library

Greek philosophy *

See: Greek philosophers

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet. 
Peter Suber, Earlham College.


History of western philosophy *

History of Western Philosophy
A directory of ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, early modern philosophy, recent modern philosophy.

Digital HPS
Digital History and Philosophy of Science (dHPS) brings together historians and philosophers of science, with informaticians, computer scientists, and reference librarians with the goal of thinking of new ways to integrate traditional scholarship with digital tools and resources.

History of Philosophy from 1492 to 1776. 
The Age of the Voyagers. (from Oregon State University).

Historians and philosophers. 
An index of significant historians and philosophers.

Humour in philosophy.


The International Association for Scottish Philosophy
The International Association for Scottish Philosophy website provides full information on every aspect of a philosophical tradition that includes David Hume, Thomas Reid and Adam Smith, and discount purchases to members.

Islamic philosophy *

Islamic Philosophy Online

Islamic Philosophy resources. 
Mulla Sadrah Islamic Philosophy Research Institute

Italian philosophy/Filosofia *

Italian philosophers. Filosofi italiani. 
Wikipedia entries.

Italian philosophy sites. SWIF.
Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia.

Universita di Milano: Dipartimento di filosofia

Universita di Firenze (Florence): Dipartimento di filosofia

Universita di Roma (La Sapienza): Facolta di filosofia


Kurt Gödel Society Homepage


Language . Philosophy of language

Logic/Philosophical Logic

Logical Fallacies. An Encyclopedia of Errors of Reasoning
The ability to identify logical fallacies in the arguments of others, and to avoid them in one’s own arguments, is both valuable and increasingly rare. Fallacious reasoning keeps us from knowing the truth, and the inability to think critically makes us vulnerable to manipulation by those skilled in the art of rhetoric.

Mathematics  History of Mathematics *

British Society for the History of Mathematics
Web resources, articles.
A maths amusement park. Penrose tessallations, fractals.

Medieval philosophy

Metaphysics *

Mind. Philosophy of Mind

Ontology *

Buffalo Ontology Site
The Buffalo Ontology Site contains information on ontology, on the history of ontology, and on contemporary ontology and its applications. It also provides links to other ontology sites and announcements of relevant conferences and publications.

Epistemelinks metaphysics/ontology web resources.

A Resource Guide for Philosophers, by Raul Corazzon

Ontology, formal ontology. 
Formal ontology from Husserl to the most recent developments by Cocchiarella, a site by Paul Corazzon. PDF essays by and about Nino Cocchiarella. Bibliographies, ontological arguments for the existence of God, top ontology websites.



Oriental studies, Orientalist studies. 
An index of Oriental history and culture web links.


Pathways to Philosophy

A distance learning project from Sheffield University, UK. Run in association with the Philosophical Society of England, the Pathways distance learning program has attracted over 200 students from 30 countries world wide since its launch in 1995. The Pathways web sites contain a wealth of material useful for anyone interested in the study of philosophy, especially those approaching the subject for the first time.

Phenomenology *

Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenological Studies

Phenomenology, Wikipedia entry.

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning

Philosophers *

Philosophers. An alphabetical name listing.

Index of significant historians and philosophers.

Philosophers’ Café (US)
Philosophy discussion and chat.

The Philosophers’ Magazine Online

PhiloSophos Knowledge Base
Open learning resources and advice for philosophy students, including feature articles, philosophy lovers gallery, searchable archive of questions and answers, and specialist search engines.

Philosophy Etexts *

Philosopher’s etext directory. A German site. 
Philosopher’s texts from Hannah Arendt to Etienne Bonnot  Condillac to Mary Woolstonecraft.

Introduction to the life and works.  
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Pascal’s Wager argument for the belief in God.

PhiloSophos Knowledge Base
Open learning resources and advice for philosophy students, including feature articles, philosophy lovers gallery, searchable archive of questions and answers, and specialist search engines.

Philosophical Society of England
The best of philosophy: articles, meetings, talks, books, courses, latest philosophical news and articles.

Open learning resources, advice and inspiration for students at university, on distance learning programs & college correspondence courses in philosophy. Philosophy is for everyone and not just philosophers. Philosophers should know lots of things besides philosophy…


University of Notre Dame Press
Publishers of books in philosophy and theology.


Quotations *

Philosophy quotes
Philosophy quotations by philosophers, and quotes about philosophy.
Saidwhat Philosophy Quotes Collection.

Quotes from philosophers.
Brainy Quote

Philosophy Quotes
Wisdom Quotes

Philosophy Quotes
The Quotations Page

Philosophy quotes


Scottish philosophy

The International Association for Scottish Philosophy
The International Association for Scottish Philosophy website provides full information on every aspect of a philosophical tradition that includes David Hume, Thomas Reid and Adam Smith, and discount purchases to members.

Search engines, directories *

Erratic Impact
Erratic Impact’s Philosophy Research Base is categorized by history, subject and author. Integrating text resources with the best online resources, this study guide attempts to aid both academic and general interest in all philosophical genres and their related fields.

Speculative realism *

Speculative Realism, Wikipedia entry.

Philosophical research and development.

Speculative Realism blogs

The Speculative Heresy blog.

Ian Bogost’s blog, which collects recent posts from the network of blogs connected with speculative realism/object oriented philosophy.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Systematic Ideology 
Systematic Ideology is a study of ideologies founded in the late 1930s in and around London, England by Harold Walsby, George Walford and others. It seeks to understand the origin and development of ideologies, how ideologies and ideological groups work together, and the possibilities of guiding the development of ideologies on a global scale. 


University philosophy departments *

Philosophy: Top Universities, world rankings


Voice of the Shuttle
General philosophy web resources.


Wikipedia entries on philosophy.