New Zealand artists – C

New Zealand Artists – C



Campbell, Joyce *

Joyce Campbell
The Physics Room

The Joyce Campbell website.

Campbell, Rhonda *

Rhonda Campbell’s 
expressionist art includes watercolours, oils, acrylics, collage and mixed media; art on canvas, board and paper. She runs her own gallery, Campbell Gallery, in Christchurch.

Carlson, Beatrice *

Beatrice Carlson
Digital art. Presented by the Auckland Photography Festival May 2009, the SkinS exhibition is an upside down approach to art. 4 artworks, 8 visions.

Charteris, Chris *

Chris Charteris

Chris Charteris
FHE Galleries

Chen, Sean *

Sean Chen’s website.

Cherrie, Derrick *

Derrick Cherrie
Auckland City Art Gallery

Ching, Raymond *

Raymond Ching 
Wikipedia entry.

Raymond Ching limited-edition prints.
Fine Art Online

Chong, Liyen *

Liyen Chong
The website of Liyen Chong’s art works. Based in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Liyen Chong
Melanie Roger Gallery, Herne Bay, Auckland

Liyen Chong
Page Blackie Gallery, 42 Victoria Street, Wellington


Christian-Slane, Henry *

Henry Christian-Slane. Tumblr
Illustrator, portrait-painter, living and working in Auckland. Previously lived and worked in London for two years doing storyboards and video-game art. Winner of the Adam Portrait award in 2014.

Henry Christian-Slane. Chromacon

Henry Christian-Slane’s website.


Clark, Eric *

Eric Clark. New Zealand. Australian Art Sales Digest

Clark, Fiona *

Fiona Clark
Art New Zealand

Clark, Ken *

Ken Clark
Ken Clark is a New Zealand digital artist who has exhibited extensively on the international stage, with solo or group shows in Auckland, Miami, Basel, London, Los Angeles, Munich and lately New York.

Clarke, Ivan *

The Ivan Clarke Gallery
A second generation artist, Ivan started out as a commercial artist but transitioned into fine art. He has a strong international following and says he is inspired by a surprising mix from 19th century greats such as Claude Monet and Albert Bierstadt through to Chagall and even Dr Seuss. He is also known as the creator of The Lonely Dog series of artworks.

The Lonely Dog Website

Cleavin, Barry *

Barry Cleavin
White Lotus Gallery

Barry Cleavin
Saffron Gallery of Art

Barry Cleavin
Solander Gallery

Barry Cleavin
Auckland Art Gallery

Barry Cleavin

Barry Cleavin
The Diversion Gallery

Clemens, Eddie *

Eddie Clemens


Coats, Liz *

Liz Coats
Non-figurative paintings experimenting with themes of colour in layers, geometrically organized. Exhibitions since 1977 in Australia and New Zealand, with exhibitions also in Japan and China.

Collier, Edith *

Edith Collier. Wikipedia

Edith Collier in Retrospect. Christchurch Art Gallery

Collins, Elliot *

Elliot Collins. Tim Melville Gallery

Elliot Collins. Bartley and Company Art Gallery

Conrad, Christina *

Christina Conrad
Clay Masks

Copland, Dale *

Dale Copland: 
assemblage artist, book binder and maker. Puhiho

Dale Copland
Assemblage art. Out of Sight

Corbelletto, Chiara *

New Zealand Outdoor Art. Chiara Corbelletto

Cotton, Shane *

Shane CottonCotton, Shane. Shane Cotton
Gary Langsford Gallery, Auckland.
Auckland Art Gallery
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Shane Cotton 
Shane Cotton
Hamish Mckay Gallery
Shane Cotton
Sherman Galleries

Broken Water by Shane Cotton
Original Screenprint
Image size in millimetres: 760 x 560
Handmade edition of 60 numbered and signed by Shane Cotton.
Cotton tells us that this print shows the tension between clarity and ambiguity are played out as the words “broken water” are rendered in sharp contrast to the murky veil of cloud beneath. In one simple image and with two simple words it encapsulates the potential dichotomy of interpretation.

Couper, Matt *

Matt Couper; 
devotional paintings.

Cresswell, Kyla *

Kyla Cresswell, 
a printmaker based in Wellington; an online catalogue/gallery of prints, including mezzotints and drypoints.

Criticism; Art criticism, art critics, curators *

Art reviews, writing, art criticism, a calendar of exhibitions, a guide to New Zealand art galleries and an online art store where members exhibit and sell their art online.

Adam Art Gallery. Melissa Chiu – Director, Gallery 4A at the Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Sydney Wystan Curnow – Writer, academic and cultural commentator Juliana Engberg – Melbourne-based curator and writer Jim Vivieaere – Artist/curator Ruth Watson – Artist.

Art New Zealand Journal

Essays and interviews on New Zealand art and writing by prominent New Zealand writers, reviewers and critics. 
New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre

Eye Contact
A forum built to encourage art reviews and critical discussion about the visual culture of Aotearoa New Zealand. Edited by John Hurrell. Critical reviews and spirited discussion on art and visual culture.

Art Critics, Curators
See also: New Zealand Art Galleries   Auckland Art Gallery   Govett Brewster Gallery

Stella Brennan
Stella Brennan is an artist, writer, curator and lecturer based in Auckland. Her work has been shown in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. Her videos have been exhibited in the Sydney and Liverpool Biennials and her installation Wet Social Sculpture, featuring whale song, psychedelic film and a fully operational spa pool, was a nominated finalist in the 2006 Walters Prize.

Curnow, Wystan. Wystan Curnow, an interview

Wystan Curnow. NZ Electronic Text Archive

Wystan Curnow
Texts by Wystan Curnow. Jackbooks

Wystan Curnow. The PIP Project for Innovative Poetry (a blog)

Tony Green
Accumulations. Tony Green’s weblog.

Cross, Mark *

Mark Cross, 
New Zealand born contemporary realist painter. Based in the central Polynesian island of Niue, Mark Cross works are well known for imparting a social message that speaks of mankind’s delinquent abuse of his home the Earth. They speak of the world but are intrinsically Pacific. Mark Cross exhibits regularly in New Zealand, Hawaii and Rarotonga.

Culbert, Bill *

Bill Culbert
The Auckland City Art Gallery

Bill Culbert at the Venice Biennale

Bill Culbert
Wikipedia entry.

Bill Culbert
Gibbs Farm

Bill Culbert. Daylight and Nightlight
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Cuthell, Nick *

Nick Cuthell
Nick Cuthell is a New Zealand London-based artist exploring contemporary concerns through traditional media.