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Taylor, Alan *

Alan Taylor. The Poi Room

Alan Taylor
Mt Eden Print by Alan Taylor
Limited Edition Screenprint
Image size in millimetres: 460 x 350
Edition of 40 prints, printed, signed and numbered by Alan TaylorAuckland’s Mt Eden infused with mythological depth and meaning by artist Alan Taylor. Referencing Maori tradition and legend suggesting there is more to this landmark than can be seen on the surface. Buy Here

Taurerewa, Lorene *

Lorene Taurewera
Paintings and drawings by Lorene Taurerewa, a New Zealand artist living in New York. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Australia and the USA, as well as in New Zealand.

Thomas, Barry *

The Feralist
A blog by well-known Wellington art ‘interventionist’ Barry Thomas.

Barry Thomas. Te Papa blog article on ‘the vacant lot of cabbages’ intervention, 1978.

Barry Thomas.  Art New Zealand article.

Barry Thomas. Giovanni Tiso’s blog, an article with images.

Barry Thomas. Dominion Post article on The Cabbage Patch.

Barry Thomas. Wikipedia entry on ‘Guerrilla Gardening.’

Thompson, Nelson *

Nelson Thompson (1952-1986), official website. 
Drawings, graphics, landscapes, figure studies, acrylics, watercolours.

Thompson, Sydney *

Sydney Lough Thompson
The Te Papa collection.

Sydney Laugh Thompson
Jonathan Grant Galleries

Sydney Lough Thompson
Auckland Art Gallery

Sydney Lough Thompson
Wikipedia entry.

Toi Maori Aotearoa
A face for Maori art in its preservation, development, promotion and participation. A gallery of Maori art, artist profiles, notice board.

Tizard, Denita *

Denita Tizard’s
paintings are inspired by the soul’s connection with nature, colour, people and numbers. Denita Tizard Denita is also an enthusistic and po-active memnber of the Wanganui visual arts community..

Todd, Yvonne *

Yvonne Todd

Yvonne Todd. Auckland Art Gallery

Yvonne Todd, the website of Yvonne Todd.

Yvonne Todd
Queensland Art Gallery

Yvonne Todd. Review by Anna Miles.

Yvonne Todd, winner of The Walters Prize.
The New Zealand Herald

Townsend, Jade *

Jade Townsend
The blog of Jade Townsend, an artist and designer from Wanganui and now based in London. Her paintings are strongly loaded with Maori symbolism and mythology and her work has a distinct storytelling element, presented in contemporary graphics.

Trusttum, Philip *

Philip Trusttum, a leading New Zealand colourist painter.

Philip Trusttum

Philip Trusttum website.

Philip Trusttum. Artnet

Philip Trusttum. Wikipedia

Philip Trusttum. Whitespace Gallery, Auckland

Turley, Lisa *

Lisa Turley
A fusion of nature and steel. Stainless steel art for indoors or out by NZ artist, Lisa Turley.

Turnball, Rex *

Rex Turnbull
A fellow of the Roya Society of Arts, Rex Turnbull has one many awards for his figurative paintings of landscapes and people.