NZ artist list: I-K

New Zealand artists, a website list



Illingworth, Michael *

Michael Illingworth
Auckland City Art Gallery

Michael Illingworth
Te Papa

Michael Illingworth. Profile, Exhibitions & Artwork. Ocula

Ingram, Simon *

Simon Ingram
Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland

Simon Ingram. Bowerbank Ninow

Simon Ingram. Profile, Exhibitions & Artwork. Ocula

Intra, Giovanni *

Giovanni Intra installation.

Interactive painting site. 
128,000.000 views of the South Island and Taranaki. Paint your own landscapes or seascapes.


Jenkinson, Megan *

Works by Megan Jenkinson at Two Rooms, Auckland.

Megan Jenkinson. Jonathan Smart Gallery

Megan Jenkinson. Auckland City Art Gallery


Kaan, Simon *

Simon Kaan

Kahukiwa, Robyn *

Robyn Kahukiwa. From Maori Art.

Robyn Kahukiwa. Pacific Art

Robyn Kahukiwa. Fletcher Trust Collection

Robyn Kahukiwa. Warwick Henderson Gallery 

Robyn Kahukawa. Art New Zealand

He Tapu Te Tinana, by Robyn Kahukiwa
Screenprint on handmade paper. Edition of 400 hand-signed and numbered by Robyn Kahukiwa in pencil below image.
Translation: The body of a woman is sacred because it is the house of mankind. Buy Here

Keen, Janet *

Janet Keen
Janet Keen’s art mosaic workshop, organic garden and gallery in the central North island city of Rotorua.

Kelly, Felix Runcie *

Felix Kelly
BBC Your Paintings Gallery

Felix Kelly

Felix Kelly: The Adventures of Felix Kelly. NZ Herald

Felix Kelly. An article in The Guardian.

Felix Kelly. Article and image at The Big Idea.

Felix Kelly

Kerr, Sean *

Sean Kerr’s website.

Kihara, Shigeyuki *

Shigeyuki Kihara

Shigeyuki Kihara
Sherman Galleries

Killeen, Richard *

Richard Killeen’s Homepage

Richard Killeen
Auckland Art Gallery

Richard Killeen’s website.

Richard Killeen 
Wikipedia entry.

Richard Killeen
Australian Art Sales Digest

Richard Killeen. Fog Shooter

Richard Killeen. Peter McLeavey Gallery

Richard Killeen. Bowerbank Ninow

Richard Killeen. Profile, Exhibitions & Artwork. Ocula

King, Denis *

Denis King, New Zealand landscape painter.

Kitts, Lauren *

Lauren Kitts. Sculpture by Lauren Kitts

Korshen, Crispin *

Crispin Korschen; 
acrylic paintings characterised by a love of colour, texture, strong composition and an understated quirkiness. Wellington.

Kreisler, Tom *

Tom Kreisler. Paintings at Bowerbank Minow Gallery, Auckland