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Upritchard, Francis *

Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard. Ivan Anthony Gallery

Francis Upritchard. Kate MacBarry Gallery

Francis Upritchard. Art Newspaper TV documentary.

Videoed Interviews with Francis Upritchard. CN

The Venice Biennale, a videoed interview. Tate Gallery/YouTube

Francis Upritchard. Salon 94 Gallery

Francis Upritchard, The Secession Gallery, Vienna

Francis Upritchard. Art News profile.

Francis Upritchard. A videoed converstaion at Nottingham Contemporary.

Francis Upritchard, Wikipedia entry.


van de Loo, Cynthia *

Cynthia van de Loo
Paintings, photography and mixed media by Cynthia van de Loo, based in Canterbury.

van der Velden, Petrus *

Petrus van der Velden
Auckland City Art Gallery

van Houst, Ronnie *

Ronnie van Houst
Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

Virtual Tart.  A showcase of artists from Taranaki.

Vincent, Bodhi *

Bodhi Vincent
Sculptures, paintings, murals and design. Living on the Kapiti Coast, the land, nature and people have been an inspiration for Bodhi and often appear in his work.

von Sturmer, Daniel *

Daniel von Sturmer’s website.


Walters, Gordon *

Gordon Walters
Auckland Art Gallery

Gordon Walters
Te Papa, Wellington

Gordon Walters
Wikipedia entry.

Gordon Walters
The Enigma of Gordon Walters’ Art, by Michael Dunn.

Gordon Walters Print – Makaro. Buy Here

Ward, Vincent *

Vincent Ward
Paintings by Vincent Ward

Webb, Boyd *

Boyd Webb

Boyd Webb
The Tate Gallery

Boyd Webb
Auckland Art Gallery

Boyd Webb
The Independent

Boyd Webb
City Gallery, Wellington.

Webster, Christine *

Christine Webster
Christine Webster’s website.

Christine Webster
Milford Galleries, Dunedin

Christine Webster
Christchurch Art Gallery

Christine Webster
Anglia Ruskin University, U.K.

Wedekind, Richard *

Wedekind, Richard
Richard Wedekind, painter, sculptor and photographer, based in Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Weeks, John *

John Weeks
Adam Art Gallery

John Weeks
The Auckland City Art Gallery

John Weeks. Te Papa Museum

John Weeks. Te Ara Encyclopoedia

John Weeks

John Weeks
Art New Zealand

Landscape with Farm Buildings by John Weeks. Buy Here

Westra, Ans *

Ans Westra. Te Papa Museum

Ans Westra. Auckland Art Gallery

Ans Westra. NZ Herald article.

Ans Westra. Wikipedia entry.

Whibley, Grant *

Grant Whibley
Grant Whibley is a New Zealand artist with national recognition for his oil paintings of birds. He has stated of his work that his aim has been to convey “The bird, the land and its people.” Landscapes feature predominantly in his Works on Paper. Some landscapes have reference to the colonial history of New Zealand.

White, Jan *

Jan White 
Sculptures and video installations by Jan White. Jan White trained as a painter but later began to make sculptural works. White’s work is in most promient private and corproate collections and some public ones. She has exhibted in Australia, Europe and America and has works in collections in various countries.

White, Robin *

Robin White
Auckland Art Gallery

Robin White
Ferner Galleries

Whitlock, Anya *

Anya Whitlock (Arnoldini Ltd)
Paintings by Anya Whitlock. Her work in the film industry has seen her work across feature films, music videos and set dressing, set design and props for theatre, short films and advertising. Her company Arnoldini Ltd functions as an umbrella for various ventures

Williams, Tracey *

Tracey Williams 
has studied art in London and New Zealand and recently gained an MFA with honours from Elam School of Fine Arts.

Winterburn, Russell *

Winterburn, Russell
Russell John Winterburn is a self-taught artist specializing in realism. Russell has painted dramatic Wellington coastal scenes on stretched canvases. As well as his landscapes, Russell is known for his commissioned portraits of the late Maori queen, Dame Te Atairangikaahu and Dame Whina Cooper, along with many other well-known Maori and European icons. He is known for his use of the glazing techniques used by the old masters.

Withers, Jennifer *

Jennifer Withers (aka Jennifer B)
Jennifer Withers question life’s conventions and nuances through her artwork and attempts to bring life and energy to the mundane. Her passion for original ideas and exploring human emotion has inspired her to diversify into digital art.

Wolfe, Emily *

Emily Wolfe. Melanie Roger Gallery

Emily Wolfe. Page Blackie Gallery

Emily Wolfe. Artsy

Emily Wolfe. Ocula Black

Wolfe, Pamela *

Wolfe, Pamela. Pamela Wolfe, New Zealand Book Council.

Wong, Brent *

Brent Wong’s website.

Brent Wong
Auckland City Art Gallery

Wong, Harry *

Wong, Harry. Harry Wong
Auckland Art Gallery

Harry Wong

Woollaston, Toss *

Sir Mountford Tosswill Woollaston
John Leech Gallery

Toss Woollaston
The Auckland City Art Gallery

Toss Woollaston
Wikipedia entry.

Toss Woollaston
Adam Art Gallery

View Towards Mount Richmond by Toss Woollaston. Buy Here

Wynn, Colin *

Colin Wynn
is one of New Zealand’s leading sea and landscape artists. Official artist of The Royal New Zealand Navy.


Younghusband, Adele *

Adele Younghusband
The Auckland City Art Gallery


Zusters, Jane *

Jane Zusters, painter and photographer.