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Bailey, Chris *

Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey is a sculptor based on Waiheke Island, Auckland. His work ranges from body adornment through to larger stone and timber sculptural pieces.

Baker, William George *

William George Baker
Ferner Galleries

William George Baker

Ball, Martin *

Martin Ball. Gow Langsford Gallery

Martin Ball. Auckland Art Gallery

Baloghy, George *

George Baloghy’s website.

George Baloghy
Auckland Art Gallery

George Baloghy. NKB Gallery, Mount Eden

Bambury, Stephen *

Stephen Bambury
The Fletcher Trust Collection

Stephen Bambury
Auckland City Art Gallery collection.

Stephen Bambury
Art New Zealand article.

Barber, Andrew *

Andrew Barber. Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland.


Barraud, Charles *

Charles Barraud,
early New Zealand landscape painter. Auckland City Art Gallery

Bell-Pearson, Christine *

Christine Bell-Pearson
Paintings, ceramics and works on paper. The work of Christine Bell-Pearson has been exhibited widely around the world and can be found in collections in London, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Binney, Don *

Don Binney
NZ Art History

Don Binney
Auckland City Art Gallery collection.

Don Binney
The Diversion Gallery

Don Binney
Wikipedia entry.

Bizumic, Mladen *

Mladen Bizumic’s homepage.

Mladen Bizumic

Mladen Bizumic
Art Facts

Mladen Bizumic
Art Net

Blair, Philippa *

Philippa Blair’s website.

Philippa Blair
Paper Graphica


Philiipa Blair
Review by Craft Art International.

Blake, Pippa *

Pippa Blake’s website.

Pippa Blake
ARTIS Gallery, Parnell, Auckland

Blomfield, Charles *

Charles Blomfield
Auckland City Art Gallery collection.

Charles Blomfield
Jonathan Grant Galleries, Parnell.

Charles Blomfield
Ferner Galleries

Charles Blomfield

Blomfield, Charles
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

Charles Blomfield

Charles Blomfield

Bodkin, Clay *

Clay Bodkin
Mixed media pantings on pane, an online portfolio.

Booth, Chris *

Chris Booth
The website of well-known New Zealand sculptor. Booth studied at the University of Canterbury’s school of fine arts before taking two years of study with such prominent sculptors as Barbara Hepworth and Denis Mitchell. Booth’s work is usually monumental in form, and can be found throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Chris Booth
Wikipedia entry.

Boroughs, Justin *

Justin Boroughs
John Leech Gallery

Boyce, Roger *

Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce is a senior lecturer in painting at Ilam.  He has enjoyed one-person exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Paris.

Bradley, Soraya *

Soraya Bradley
is a full-time Australian-born artist working in rural Horowhenua, on the west coast of New Zealand. Her work in oils on canvas gathers together her interests in the human condition, form, fashion, design, story and tradition.
Her work is a modern interpretation of paintings from previous centuries. Through ongoing research, Soraya experiments with traditional painting techniques from the Renaissance to nineteenth century academic painting methods. She is inspired by modern masters including Nelson Shanks, Odd Nerdrum and Andrew Wyeth.

Braithwaite, Joanna *

Joanna Braithwaite
Darren Knight Gallery

Joanna Braithwaite
Milford Galleries Dunedin

Joanna Braithwaite

Joanna Brathwaite.
Bowen Galleries

Brake, Brian *

Brian Brake. Te Papa Museum, Wellington

Brian Brake. Auckland Art Gallery

Brian Brake, Wikipedia entry.

Braunias, Mark *

Mark Braunias website.

Brennan, Stella *

Stella Brennan
Stella Brennan is an installation artist, critic and curator.

Stella Brennan. Aotearoa Digital Arts Network (ADA)

Brown, Bryce *

Bryce Brown
Figurative paintings using strong line, texture and colour to capture the essence of the human form.

Bryce Brown
A portfolio of work by Bryce Brown. Modernist-figurative painting using strong colour to evoke a strong, positive sense of the human condition.

Brown, Rebecca *

Rebecca Brown
specialises in contemporary bead jewelry, unique beadwork and bead embroidery plus scientific illustrations and botanical art capturing the true scientific essence of plants and flowers.

Browne, Anna *

Anna Browne
is a contemporary New Zealand artist working with recycled synthetic materials and hand craft techniques. Anna lives in Piha, Auckland.

Browne, Mary-Louise *

Mary Louise-Browne
Bartley Nees Gallery, Wellington.

Mary-Louise Browne
Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

Mary-Louise Brown
The Auckland Art Gallery

Mary-Louise Browne
Wellington Sculpture Trust

Bruin, Kees *

Kees Bruin
synthesises traditional realism with contemporary and photo-realistic techniques which portray his views on the world and his reflections on life.

Bryce, Liz *

Liz Bryce
Liz Bryce is a Dunedin N.Z. based multi media artist. Her interest is in place as a palimpsest, particularly where it is invested with conflicting interests.

Buchanan, Dean *

Dean BuchananDean Buchanan
A well-known New Zealander painter ot landscapes.
Dean Buchanan
Art Print Title: Kowhai
Image size in millimetres: 700 x 500

Bunkley, Brit *

Brit Bunkley
Digital imaging, video and rapid prototyping sculpture.

Burnside, Sheryl *

Sheryl Burnside
Pastellist, Sheryl Burnside, was born in Papakura. In addition to selling through several art galleries in the Tauranga area, Sheryl also undertakes private commissions. Her paintings are included in private collections in England, New Zealand and the United States.

Busch, Boe *

Boe Busch
Boe is an Auckland based paint, drawing and print artist.

Bush, Kushana *

Kushana Bush website.

Kushana Bush
Otago Daily Times

Kushana Bush
Art News

Kushana Bush
NZ Listener article.