New Zealand artists – D

NZArtists – D



Davidson, Ross *

Davidson, Ross
Ross Davidson, Contemporary Visual Artist, Dunedin. Born in 1971 and raised in Kaikoura, Ross Davidson is a dedicated visual artist on a mission. After exploring many things with which to nourish a demanding spiritual self, he settled on abstract photography to full the void. Consistency, originality, rhythm, irony, cool, honesty, and love arehis cornerstone principles. Most of all he tries to keep an open mind and let his principles and intuition guide him to help create something of real beauty.

Dalgaro, Roy *

Roy Dalgarno
Ferner Galleries

Darragh, Judy *

Judy Darragh. Auckland City Art Gallery

Judy Darragh. Page Blackie Gallery

Dashper, Julian *

Julian Dashper
Project Space

Julian Dashper
Is Less More? Adam Art Gallery

Julian Dashper. International Velvet
The Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington.

Julian Dashper
Auckland Art Gallery collection.

Julian Dashper
Wikipedia entry.

Julian Dashper
Te Papa’s Blog.

Julian Dashper videos on YouTube.

Dawson, Neil *

The Neil Dawson website.

Neil Dawson. The Ssulpture Trust

Neil Dawson. The Arts Foundation

Neil Dawson
Auckland City Art Gallery

Neil Dawson.

Defregger, Stephanie *

Stephanie Defregger
Stephanie Defregger lives and works in Wanaka, South Island. She is represented in several galleries in New Zealand and also shows her artwork in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and auctions. Her clients are from all over the world.Vibrant colours, energetic structures and the concept of variety form the basis of her artworks. Working with the best material is a matter of course. Therefore she uses only finest ingredients: high quality acrylics, cotton canvas and lots of TLC.

de Latour, Tony *

Tony de Lautour. The Arts Foundation

Tony de Lautour. Hamish McKay Gallery

Tony de Lautour. NZ Artists

Denny, Simon *

Simon Denny. Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland

The Founder’s Paradox, an exhibition at Michael Lett

Simon Denny. Auckland City Art Gallery

Simon Denny. Venice Biennale 2015

Simon Denny. Ocula interview.

Simon Denny. Adam Art Gallery

Densham, Antony *

Antony Densham
Assemblage, montage and collage work by Antony Densham questioning our tradition of ‘planned obsolescence’ and our throwaway spirit shaped by corporate producers and advertisers.

Dibble, Paul *

Paul Dibble
Gow Langsford Gallery

Paul Dibble

Paul Dibble. The New Zealand Memorial in London

Paul Dibble.

Dolby, Sarah *

Sarah Dolby, Dunedin. 
Figurative oil paintings which try to recreate the elusive quality of a fading dream or the imprint that is made upon us when we meet or see someone for the first time.

Drawbridge, John *

John Drawbridge

Drummond, Andrew *

Andrew Drummond
Art New Zealand article.

Andrew Drummond
Wellington Sculpture Trust

Andrew Drummond
Wikipedia entry.

Andrew Drummond.
Jonathan Smart Gallery

Andrew Drummond.

Duchamel, Olivier *

Olivier Duchamel
Sculptures and drawings by Olivier Duhamel. Sculptures in bronze. Nudes and portraits. Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Dunsheath, Anah *

Anah Dunsheath
Paintings, sculptures and mixed media. In her paintings the viewer is invited to interpret the narrative through the relationships between the characters within the works. Anah Dunsheath has been a finalist in several art awards.

Dutch, Ted *

Ted Dutch
is a screenprinter based in Titirangi, Auckland.

Duval-Smith, Nick *

Nick Duval-Smith
Mano. Hand-held sculpture in Oamaru stone and aluminium by Nick Duval-Smith.