NZ artists O-P; John Pule, Seraphine Pick, Fiona Pardington…



Oliver, Julian *

Julian Oliver
A New Zealander based in Berlin, Julian Oliver has been active in the critical intersection of art and technology since 1998. His projects and the occassional paper have been presented at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design. In 1998 he established the artistic game-development collective Select Parks.

O’Neill, Ani *

Ani O’Neill
Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust

Onnes, Rob *

Rob Onnes
Sculptures in steel plate centred around New Zealand themes, by Rob Onnes, Whangaparoa, Auckland.

Ormsby, James *

James Ormsby
Whitespace Gallery

James Ormsby’s website.

O’Sullivan, Phillip *

Phillip O’Sullivan. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa

Phillip O’Sullivan
Saatchi Arts


Page, Evelyn *

Evelyn Page
Page Blackie Gallery

Evelyn Page
Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Evelyn Page
Art New Zealand article by Priscilla Pitts.

Evelyn Page
Auckland Art Gallery

Evelyn Margaret Page
Wikipedia entry.

Evelyn Page
Luncheon under the Ash Tree, by Evelyn Page


Palmer, Stanley *

Stanley Palmer
Melanie Roger Gallery

Stanley Palmer
The Milford Galleries

Stanley Palmer
Wikipedia entry.

Pankhurst, Alvin *

Alvin Pankhurst homepage.

Papas, John *

John Papas. Sanderson Contemporary Art. Newmarket

John Papas. Artnet

Pardington, Fiona *

Fiona Pardington

Fiona Pardington
Two Rooms Gallery

Fiona Pardington
Nadene Milner Gallery

Fiona Pardington
Auckland Art Gallery

Fiona Pardington
Suite Gallery

Fiona Pardington
Art News

Fiona Pardington
Jonathon Grant Gallery

Fiona Pardington
McNamara Gallery, Auckland

Pardington, Neil *

Pardington, Neil. Neil Pardington’s web page, with notes and exhibitions.

Parekowhai, Michael *

Parekowhai, Michael. Michael Parekowhai
Art New Zealand

Michael Parekowhai
Wikipedia entry.

Michael Parekowhai
Jonathan Smart Gallery

Michael Parekowhai

Michael Parekowhai
Michael Lett

Parker, John *

John Parker,
ceramicist, set designer, artist. Winner of the 2004 Chapman Tripp Theatre Award of Set Designer of the Year.

Partington, Chris *

Chris Partington
Chris paints symbolist work on the edge of realism using the New Zealand landscape as a background; his recurring theme is Time.

Patersn, Reuben *

Reuben Paterson’s homepage.

Reuben Paterson
Pasifika Styles

Reuben Paterson
Gow Langsford Gallery

Pearless, Jessica *

Jessica Pearless

Pearson, Alan *

Alan Pearson
Drawings and paintings.

Pearson, Justin *

Justin Pearson
A New Zealand-born artist living in Sydney, Australia

Perkins, Christopher *

Christopher Perkins
The Auckland City Art Gallery image database.

Christopher Perkins
Wikipedia entry.

Pieters, Kim *

Kim Pieters. Works of art on view at Circuit Artist Film and Video.
Kim Pieters. Nadene Milne Gallery
Kim Pieters. Adam Art Gallery

Pick, Seraphine *

Seraphine Pick
Auckland City Gallery

Seraphine Pick
Ferner Galleries

Seraphine Pick
Christchurch Art Gallery

He (disappeared into silence), by Seraphine Pick

Popovic, Biljana *

Biljana Popovic
Biljana is an artist and spatial designer.

Pule, John *

Pule, John. John Pule
Gow Langsford Gallery
John Pule prints.
John Pule,
Wikipedia entry.
John Pule
Auckland Art Gallery
John Pule Biography
The Arts Foundation
John Pule
The Karen Woodbury Gallery, Australia

John Pule
Small Bird

Image size in millimetres: 560 x 760
Handmade edition of 60 numbered and signed by John Pule.
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