NZ painters and sculptors – S


NZ painters and sculptors – S


Scott, Ian *

Ian Scott paintings at The Auckland City Art Gallery.a>a>a>

Ian Scott. Google Art Project

Ian Scott. Leapaway Girl. Te Papa Museum

Ian Scott. Digital New Zealand. An image gallery and overview.

Ian Scott. Wikipedia entry.

Ian Scott
Ferner Galleries

Seymour, Ava *

Ava Seymour
Selected exhibitions, bibliography. The Auckland Art Gallery

Ava Seymour

Seung Yul Oh *

Seung Yul Oh
Large-scale sculptural work and playful shapes by Seung Yul Oh, born in Seoul and based in Auckland.

Seung Yul Oh. Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland

Seung Yul Oh. City Gallery, Wellington

Seung Yul Oh. One and J Gallery, Seoul

Seung Yul Oh. Dowse Art Museum, Wellington

Seung Yul Oh. The Arts Foundation

Sharpe, Alfred *

Alfred Sharpe
New Light on Alfred Sharpe. Art New Zealand article.

Alfred Sharpe
Auckland Art Gallery

Shepherd, Michael *

Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd
Art New Zealand article.

Michael Shepherd
Auckland Art Gallery

Short, Gitte Eklund *

Gitt Eklund Short
Gitte mainly creates on stretched canvas using acrylic and mixed media. She finds her inspiration, energy and motivation from life, nature, poetry, ancient histories, mythologies of different cultures, ancient craft technics such as stone carving and wire stitching.

Sidell, Peter *

Peter Siddell. Auckland Art Gallery

Peter Siddell. An image gallery at NZ artists.

Peter Siddell. Jonathon Grant Galleries

Peter Siddell. Artis Gallery

Peter Siddell. NZ Herald obituary,

Peter Siddell. Wikipedia entry,

Smither, Michael *

Michael Smither
Exhibition history, image gallery.

Michael Smither. Auckland Art Gallery

Michael Smither
Wikipedia entry.

Michael Smither
The Diversion Gallery

Michael Smither. The Arts Foundation

Michael Smither
The John Leech Gallery

Artists and the Environment. Michael Smither
Art New Zealand

Michael Smither’s website.

Phantoms Peak (East) by Michael Smither. Buy Here
Michael Smither’s Alfred Road Bridge Limited Edition Print. Buy Here
Three Dark Gulls, Three Dark Rocks by Michael Smither
Three Dark Gulls, Three Dark Rocks by Michael Smither Handmade Screenprint
Back Beach Limited Edition Print by Michael Smither
Back Beach Limited Edition Print by Michael Smither Limited Edition Screenprint
Shape as Colour, Colour as Sound by Michael Smither
Shape as Colour, Colour as Sound by Michael Smither Limited Edition screenprint

Southan, Zarahn *

 Zarahn Southon
A classical realist painter from new Zealand of Maori & European descent.

Zarahn Southon
Saatchi Online

Zarahn Southan
Contemporary Still Life

Zarahn Southon

Zarahn Southon
Jonathon Grant Galleries

Speers, Jim *

Jim Speers. Auckland City Art Gallery

Jim Speers. Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland

Jim Speers. The University of Auckland

Spong, Sriwana *

Sriwana Spong

Sriwhana Spong
Auckland Art Gallery

Sriwhana Spong
Queensland Art Gallery

Sriwana Spong
Flash Art

Sriwhana Spong
Michael Lett

Sriwhana Spong: Nijinsky

Steel, Donna *

Donna Steel
Donna creates mixed media artworks using different types of texture,  allowing her to combine her interest in both sculpture and painting.

Stenberg, Ron *

Ron Stenberg
Auckland City Art Gallery

Stevens, Eion *

Eion Stevens. Prints.  
PaperGraphica, Christchurch.

Eion Stevens. The Dioversion Gallery, Marlborough

Eion Stevens. Ferner Galleries, Taupo

Eion Steevens. Remuera Gallery, Auckland

Stevenson, Michael *

Michael Stevenson
The Darren Knight Gallery

Michael Stevenson interview.

Stewart, Damian *

Damian Stewart
Art, sound, interaction design, creative programming and art with machines by Damian Stewart. Facade animations, interactive artworks, sonic art, live visuals.

Stitchbury, Peter *

Peter Stichbury
Peter Stichbury is primarily a painter known for his intricate yet flat portraits of models and modern beauties sourced from contemporary media images.

Peter Stichbury
Sweet Station blog.

Peter Stitchbury. Tracey Williams, Agent

Peter Stichbury

Peter Stitchbury. NZ Herald

Peter Stitchbury
Te Tuhi exhibition archive.

Stoddart, Margaret Olrog *

Margaret Soddart
Te Ara Encyclopedia

Margaret Stoddart
Auckland Art Gallery

Strathdee, Barbara *

Barbara Strathdee
Contemporary work by New Zealand artist Barbara Strathdee: images of houses, settler tents, surveyors and guns allude to colonial and post-colonial history.

Summer, Ruth *

Ruth Sumner
works across several disciplines at once, such as printmaking, painting and photography. Recently she has been making installations combining print and paint media.

SweetArts *

SweetArts is a collaboration between two Wellington-based artists. They create art in a wide range of media including spray paint, oils, ink and charcoal on canvas, paper, metal and tiles. They also produce a variety of fashion and precious metal jewellery. The website shows work for sale and offers information on private and commerical art commissions.

Sydney, Grahame *

Grahame Sydney’s website.

Grahame Sydney. Diversion Gallery

Grahame Sydney. Artis Gallery

Grahame Sydney. Jonathon Grant Galleries

Grahame Sydney. Artnet auction results.

Grahame Sydney. An article in Stuff NZ.

Grahame Sydney. Wikipedia entry.

Timeless Land by Grahame Sydney. Buy Here
Grahame Sydney Print “Fiddler’s Flat”. Buy Here

Szirmay, Marté *

Marté Szirmay website.

Marte Szirmay
Ferner Galleries

Marte Szirmay
NKB Galleries